Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chapter 1

Sidney Crosby and his teammates had worked hard and ended up losing to the Red Wings for the 2008 Stanley Cup. They had prepared so well to lose but this summer they were all going to work even harder to try for another run at the cup. Sidney had a feeling it was going to be their year.


Sidney was hanging out at his house in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his cousin, Mia Crosby. They were chilling out by the pool that afternoon because Sidney had convinced Mia to go for a run with him that morning and now she was exhausted.

"I can't believe you made me run with you this morning. I think I am going to sleep really well tonight" Mia joked as she floated on the water in the pool.
"It was good for you and you know it and you run with Kris all the time so what's the big deal?" countered Sidney splashing some water at Mia, which made Mia stand up and splash some water back at Sidney.
"Yeah I know I run with Kris but its not as long a run as this one you made me do this morning" Mia groaned.
"You will be fine, Mini" Sidney said calling Mia by his nickname for her.
"I will be even better when I see Kris again but unfortunately he is stuck in Montreal for some family thing until Saturday. Which sucks! I miss him bunches" Mia sighed thinking of her wonderful boyfriend.
"Well, you are constantly on the phone with him so i don't know how you miss him that much" Sidney joked.
"Oh come on Sidney you know that phone calls are fine but actually seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend in person is even better because you can actually talk to them and hug them" Mia explained thoughtfully.
"Yeah and you and Kris do many other things too" Sidney said winking at Mia.
"Oh get your freaking mind out of the gutter. God you are such a guy. I swear!" Mia said rolling her eyes at Sidney and getting out of the pool to dry off.
"Sorry Mini, guys talk in the locker room about their relationships and stuff all the time" Sidney said.
"Oh great! I really hope that Kris does not spill about everything he and I do because that would be embarrassing and its personal!" Mia exclaimed.
"Actually Kris is very tight lipped about you and he so don't worry or be embarrassed. He is a really good guy and loves you a lot."
"Thanks and yes he is an awesome guy. Well I think I am going to shower and take a nap until dinnertime" Mia said as she headed into the house.

Sidney swam a little more until he heard his cell phone ring so he got up and looked to see who was calling him. It was Kris.

"Hey Kris, what's up?" Sidney answered.
"Hey Sid, listen is Mia anywhere around you?" Kris asked.
"No she went inside to shower and take a nap" Sidney explained.
"Cool, listen I am going to be able to come up to see you guys sooner than Mia realized so I want to surprised her" Kris said.
"Oh wow that is awesome and I know she will be thrilled to see you."
"Yeah so my flight lands in Halifax on Thursday night so if you can pick me up then that would be great."
"That will be fine and I will keep it a secret from Mia."
"Thanks man, I really appreciate it and can't wait to surprise her" Kris said excitedly.
"Sounds good and talk to you later, Kris" Sidney said.
"Later man" Kris said as they both hung up their phones.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kris Letang

Mia Crosby