Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chapter 17

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Now that Mia's parents were slowing getting over the shock of Mia and Kris being married and expecting a baby. Mia had been having horrible morning sickness and was really exhausted. She was worried that something might be wrong with the baby because when she had been pregnant before she did not feel that bad so she made an appointment with her doctor to calm her fears of losing the baby. Kris had not been able to go with Mia to her appointment because of a team meeting and practice but had sworn he would call her and see how everything went.

Sure enough as Mia was leaving her appointment her cell phone starting ringing and it was Kris. She sat down on a nearby bench outside of the doctor's office and answered her phone.

"Boujour" Mia answered smiling.
"Boujour ma chere" Kris answered back.
"How was practice and your meeting?" Mia asked.
"Who cares, how are you and baby Letang?" Kris asked impatiently.
Mia smiled to herself and decided to make Kris worry just a little bit more, "No how has your day gone?"
"Mia Elizabeth Letang answer my question NOW!" Kris practically screamed into his phone making his teammates that were near him look at him with surprise and shock that Kris was getting upset and loud.
"Calm down Kristopher Letang! Everything is fine with me and baby Letang. The doctor told me that I am having a healthy pregnancy and that is why I am so sick and tired all the time. If I was not feeling like this then we should be worried but everything is perfect and that is why I feel a lot different than when I was pregnant before" explained Mia as she patted her abdomen.
"Thank god because I was really worried sweetheart" Kris said calming himself down as he sat down in his locker.
"Yes I am relieved too because I do not think I could handle another miscarriage now" Mia said.
"Neither could I" Kris said thoughtfully thinking about their past and the baby they lost.
"Well I hate to say it but I am tired so I am going to head home and take a nap so I will see you later" Mia said yawning.
"Definitely go home and rest, darling and I will pick up something for dinner on my way home tonight so you do not have to worry about making us anything" Kris said smiling.
"I am so lucky to have a super husband who will do that for me" Mia said as she headed to her car.
"See you later, sweetheart" Kris said.
"See you later, handsome" Mia said as they both hung up their phones.

Mia headed home and when she got to the condo she went in and then locked the door behind her and headed to the bedroom to take a nap.

Meanwhile Kris finished up his workout at the arena and headed out to get dinner. When Kris got home it was quiet and dark so he set the food in the kitchen and went to check on Mia. She was sleeping and snuggled up in their bed. Kris smiled to himself and laid down next to her and watched her sleep. Before Kris realized it he was asleep too but then after about an hour or so Mia woke up because she felt nauseous again and jumped up and ran into the bathroom to throw up. Kris felt Mia get up and he got up and followed her.

"Mia, sweetheart are you ok?" Kris asked as he handed Mia and washcloth as Mia got up and cleaned off her face.
"Yeah just baby Letang making his or her presence known" Mia laughed which made Kris laugh too.
"OK just as long as you and the baby are fine" Kris said pulling Mia into his arms and hug her tightly.
"Yes we are and now baby Letang is making me hungry so let's go and have dinner please" Mia said looking up at Kris. He smiled at Mia and kissed her and they they headed into the kitchen for a quiet dinner for two.