Friday, February 25, 2011

Chapter 29

****Warning Adult Content****

The Penguins had a road trip coming up and that made Mia a little stressed with a newborn baby to deal with while Kris was out of town. She tried not to show her stress but it came through one evening after dinner.

Mia was feeding Nathaniel and Kris came into the nursery. He stood in the doorway and looked at Mia, "Hey Mini, where did you put my favorite tie because I do not see it in the closet?"
"Kris, I have no idea right now. Don't you see I am a little busy here with your son. You are a grown man find it yourself!"
"Whatever" Kris said walking back to the bedroom.

Mia felt bad for being bitchy at Kris but she was kinda busy with Nathaniel. Nathaniel finally finished eating and Mia fixed her shirt and then changed Nathaniel and put him down in his crib for the night.

She walked back into the bedroom and watched Kris pack his bag. She walked in and went over to him and put her hand on his shoulder and he brushed her hand away.

"Leave me alone" he said and went back into the closet.
"Kris, please I am sorry for getting upset with you" Mia apologized and followed him into the closet.
"I do not know if I can accept your apology when all I did was ask you a simple question" Kris said hurtfully which surprised Mia and she turned to walk away but Kris grabbed her arm to stop her. She turned around and looked at him with tears in her eyes, "I did not mean what I said earlier, Kris. I am a little scared with you leaving and being alone with Nathaniel".
Kris moved past Mia and closed the closet door and then turned back to Mia, "I know its going to be hard but you are way better at all this baby stuff than I am. I know you will be fine because even when I am here, I still have no clue what I am doing and you help me. Everything will be just fine, Mia. Plus you can call me for God's sake. Not that I will have any good advice because its instinct for you as a mother and you got it down pat".
Mia looked at Kris, "Wow that was impressive Tanger and I will call you just because you are Nathaniel's father and have that instinct" she laughed which made Kris laugh and he pulled her into his arms and held her.

Mia moved out of Kris's embrace for a moment and starting looking in the closet and Kris stopped her, "I do not care about that stupid tie anymore".
"I forgot I put it with your hats for some random reason" Mia said pulling it out of a pile on a shelf. Mia handed it to him and he took it and smiled and then took Mia's hand and pulled her close to kiss her senseless. Then he leaned his forehead against hers, "That was definitely not where I would have found it" he teased.
"No I guess I put it there and was going to put it with your other ones and got distracted for some reason" Mia smiled as she looked at Kris.
"I am sorry about everything" Kris said.
"Me too" Mia said biting her lip.

Kris didn't think twice he pulled her close again and let his hands roam her sides and started playing with her shirt. Mia pulled back and jokingly gave him a 'seriously dude' look. Then she tried to get away but Kris was too strong and held her close. She continued to squirm but it was useless and it also made Kris losing his footing and they fell onto the floor of the closet with Kris landing on top of Mia. Luckily the closet floor was carpeted or else Mia would have been really hurt. She started laughing which made Kris laugh too, "You ok Mini?"
"Yeah I am fine" she said, "You ok?"
"I landed on you sweetie and I am a lot heavier than you. I admit you are a great cushion with all those gorgeous curves" Kris joked.
"Kris are you hitting on me?" Mia joked back.
"Hell ya I am and hopefully it works because I was wishing I would get some before I headed out".
"Get what" Mia sarcastically said looking at Kris with a smirk.
"You playing hard to get?"
"Of course, I do just give it up for any man I just met".
"So we just met eh".
"What's your name?"
"Kristopher and what's yours?"
"Mia Elizabeth".
"Mia Elizabeth that is a beautiful name".
"Thank you, Kristopher".
"You are welcome and now that we know each others names what do you think of me showing you a great time" Kris winked.
Mia giggled and felt Kris's hands move across her abdomen and she moved her hands to help Kris take off his shirt and sure enough their clothes were dispersed all around the closet.

Kris kissed Mia on the lips and then moved down to her collar bone and she slid her hands through his hair and moaned Kris's name because he was driving her insane in a great way.
"Kris oh god yes, yes, Kris".
Kris smirked to himself because he knew all of Mia's soft spots and knew she was enjoying their little spontaneous loving making in the closet.
Kris continued kissing Mia and gave each of her breasts special attention and this was driving Mia even more insane, "Kris please I want you now!"
"Not yet baby" Kris continued to kiss her stomach and then moved down to her most intimate spot flicked his tongue across her clitoris which made Mia scream out a little louder than she realized, "Oh my god, oh my god".
Kris then moved back up and moved her legs a little bit more and slid into her wetness. He groaned loudly too and was thankful that he had closed the closet door, "Good God Almighty Mia. You feel so damn good". Kris moved in and out of Mia and she kicked her legs around his waist to feel him deeper. Kris made love to Mia and then he felt her squeeze him and she cried out as her orgasm hit her powerfully, "Yes yes yes Kris. I love you" and then Kris felt his hit him too and then he spilled his seed into Mia's womb. They collapsed together in a sweaty mess on the floor of the closet.

After a few minutes Kris moved off of Mia and laid on his back. "Good god Mini the things your do to me".
"Kristopher the things you do to me are amazing" Mia said as she moved to lean on his chest.
Kris put his arm around Mia and she leaned down to kiss him again.

"Thank god I shut the door or else we might have been interrupted and I was not gonna miss this for him. Sorry but I need adult time with my beautiful wife".
"Hey I agree with you my gorgeous husband" Mia said smiling.
"I have to say that this is definitely a good place to be intimate with you because we can shut the door and there is carpet" Kris joked and Mia just shook her head, "You are too much, Kris".
Kris kissed Mia again and then helped her up and they got ready for bed.

"Goodnight Kris".
"Goodnight Mini".
"I love you" Mia said.
"I love you too" Kris said and gave Mia a goodnight kiss.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Chapter 28

Mia knew that her parents needed to know about Nathaniel but because they were his grandparents. But she was worried that her mother would start more drama because of Kris and his occupation.

"Ugh why does my mom have to be such a snob?" Mia said to herself as she was looking in the closet for some shoes to wear.
"Because she wants the best for you" answered Kris which made Mia jump and turn around to see him standing in the closet door.
"Good gracious you scared the mess out of me. I thought you and Marc Andre were going out to lunch after practice today" Mia said as she found her shoes and put them on.
"He had to cancel so I figured I would take you and Nathaniel out to lunch instead" Kris said walking into the closet and then giving Mia a quick kiss on the lips.
"Sounds good to me" Mia said moving past Kris and headed to get Nathaniel ready to go out.

They headed to the restaurant and were seated. They were looking over their menus when Mia heard her mother's voice call out, "Mia darling, how are you?"

Mia's head turned to look and see her mother smiling at her, "Mom its good to see you".
"Yes sweetie. Kris its good to see you. And oh my god is this...this... Oh my what a handsome little guy. Can I hold him?" Leslie asked super excited.
"Mom this is your grandson, Nathaniel Letang" Mia said giving baby Nathaniel to her mother, who coo and went gaga over her new grandson.
Mia and Kris just looked at each other and smiled and Mia hoped that maybe her mother would get over her obnoxiousness about Kris's job.

"I can not believe that I am a grandmother especially since I am just so young but its a great feeling. I tried calling you darling but you never answered my calls. Now I know I have not been nice and I am sorry about that Kristopher but I just want whats best for my Mia".
"I know Mrs Crosby but I love your daughter and now we have Nathaniel and our life is great now and she can have the world no matter what" Kris said putting his arm around Mia's shoulders and Mia smiled.
"Yes I am starting to realize that. Now tell me all about my new grandson" Leslie said continuing cooing and cuddling Nathaniel.

Mia started in on everything that had happened and how she thought that she might lose Nathaniel but that Kris was there and he's love and support was the main thing that helped her get through everything. Mia's mother listened and promised to be a better person and be more supportive of Kris and Mia's marriage. They sat at the restaurant for a while just talking and it made Mia hope things would be better for all of them.

That evening as Mia and Nathaniel were at the arena watching the Pens play a game. She was cheering on her husband as well as the other wives and girlfriends of the Pens players. It was a hard fought game and in the end the Pens were victorious. Mia was happy and as she waited on Kris to leave the locker room all the wives and girlfriends were enjoying meeting Nathaniel, the newest member of the Penguins. All the women were like going gaga over Nathaniel and saying how much he looked just like Kris. It was a great ending to a day that was hopefully full of promises of good things to come for everyone.

Kris and the rest of the guys finally came out of the locker room and found their wives and or girlfriends and headed home for the night. Kris picked up Nathaniel in his baby carrier and then took Mia's hand and they headed home. Mia thought on the ride home that this is how everything was supposed to be in her life and she was happy.