Friday, January 14, 2011

Chapter 27

****Warning Adult Content****

Kris was off on a road trip with the Pens but he kept checking in with Mia on updates about Nathaniel. Kris worried but did not let it show in his playing. He hated that he had to leave Mia alone to deal with their sick child but he knew Mia was strong and could handle everything.

Mia was at the hospital a lot but Nathaniel was actually getting healthier. Nathaniel was actually doing very well which surprised the doctors and the nurses.

One day Mia was feeding Nathaniel when the doctor came over to talk to her.

"Mrs Letang, I need to talk to you about taking Nathaniel home tomorrow".
"Really, I can finally have my baby home with me. That would be wonderful" Mia said super excited and looking down at her baby and kissed his tiny forehead.
"Yes, Nathaniel has gained enough weight that a normal baby should be now and as you know he is taking well to breastfeeding so why not have him home with you and your husband" the doctor said.
"I want my baby at home so I am thrilled" Mia smiled knowing Nathaniel would be out of the hospital.
After Mia finished breastfeeding her baby, she and the doctor discussed the arrangements for Mia to bring home Nathaniel.

That evening Kris and Mia were talking on the phone and Mia had decided to keep it a secret about bringing home Nathaniel.

"How are you doing sweetheart?" Kris asked wishing he had Mia in his arms.
"I am good but I miss you" Mia said wishing Kris was there to hold her.
"I know I miss you so much too but I will be home in a couple of days and then I can kiss you senseless" Kris joked.
"I wish you were here to kiss me a lot too" Mia giggled.
"God I want you more than anything too" Kris smirked as he felt his body respond to his thoughts of him and Mia in the bedroom.
"Actually I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and maybe I will have good news for you" Mia said seductively.
"Oh god Mia stop torching me because now I need a cold shower".
Mia giggled, "I love you bunches".
"I love you too, Mia and can't wait to see you soon" Kris said.
"See you soon, hot stuff" Mia said and they both hung up their phones.

The next morning Mia was at the gynecologist and had just finished her exam and got dressed.

"Mia, from what I can tell you seem to be fully healed from having your baby" Dr. Rose said.
"Then am I healthy to have sexual relations with my husband now?" Mia asked.
"I am guessing that your husband wants to have relations with you soon" the doctor joked and Mia blushed and laughed.
"You and your husband can start being intimate again" the doctor said.
"Thank you Dr Rose and I know I can say thank you from my husband" Mia said as she left the examining room.

That afternoon Mia was at the hospital to finally bring her baby home. She was getting everything worked out with the nurses for Nathaniel. Finally Mia and Nathaniel were on their way home and all the nurses and doctors said their goodbyes but were all very happy for Mia, Kris and Nathaniel.

"Thank you all for everything to help me and my family out. I will never forget everything you did to make my beautiful baby boy get healthy" Mia announced to all the staff.
"We will miss Nathaniel but we know he is ready to be at home with his parents" the doctor said and then Mia hugged everyone and then headed home with her baby.

Luckily Mia and Kris had the nursery ready and everything else ready for Nathaniel when he brought home. The first thing Mia did was to set the baby carrier down with Nathaniel in it and then she spread a blanket on the floor and laid Nathan down. He kicked his little legs up and cooed. Mia just smiled and was so happy just watching her baby. Now she could not wait to surprise Kris.

Mia had a good night with baby Nathan and then she got the house ready for Kris's return from his road trip.

Mia was napping with Nathaniel when Kris came home. He noticed that it was quiet and figured that Mia was taking a much needed nap so he tiptoed into the bedroom and the stopped in his tracks when he saw Mia asleep with Nathaniel next to her.
Kris could not believe his eyes there on the bed was his son. He smiled and quietly walked over to the bed and gently laid down next to his wife and son and watched them sleep.

After a little while Kris leaned over Nathan and gently kissed Mia. Mia slowly opened her eyes to see Kris and smiled, "Look who is now at home with us".
"I walked in here and could not believe my eyes when I saw Nathan sleeping with you. This is the best surprise ever" Kris exclaimed.
"I wanted to surprise you" Mia said happily as she looked at their sleeping son.
Kris looked at their son and he kissed his baby boy and then kissed Mia again.

That evening after Mia and Kris put their son to bed, then went and snuggled together in their bedroom.

"I can not believe Nathan is home" Kris said still in shock after all they had been through with their son.
"Well he is home and healthy and that is the most important thing" Mia smiled at her husband.
"I am glad we do not have to go to the hospital to see Nathan" Kris smiled as she held Mia.
"Oh I have another surprise for you too Kris" Mia said seductively.
"What?" Kris asked.
Mia slid her hand along Kris's chest and then pulled him down to her and kissed him deeply and then whispered, "Make love to me".
Kris pulled back and looked at Mia with the biggest grin and then proceeded to make Mia's wish come true.

Kris slowly undressed Mia and then undressed himself. Kris kissed Mia's collarbone and then gave special attention to Mia's breasts. He suckled one and then the other. Mia loved the feelings that Kris was giving her and then he kissed her stomach and then her bellybutton. Mia giggled and then Kris moved back up and then kissed her again as let his fingers slowly caressed her most intimate spot and she cried out, "Yes Kris oh yes". Kris knew that was his clue and he slid into her and she cried out again because he was so big but it felt perfect. Kris lost his mind because Mia was so wet, tight and perfect. Kris continued moving in and out of Mia and then they both felt the most amazing orgasms. Kris swore as he spilled his seed into Mia's womb. Kris collapsed onto Mia after the most amazing love making. Mia enjoyed the feel of Kris's strong body on top of her. She held him until they both calmed down from their amazing high.

Kris moved off of Mia and held her close as they slept snuggled together.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chapter 26

Life can bring on twists and turns and sure enough Kris and Mia's lives were going to hit one of those twists.

Nathaniel had been gaining weight which made everyone happy but then he started to refuse attaching to Mia's breasts. That scared her and she worried that her baby boy would starve.

Mia looked up at the nurse when Nathaniel refused to suckle and turning away his head, "Why is he not eating? What's wrong with my baby?" Mia freaked out.
The nurse took Nathaniel from Mia and Mia fixed her shirt and followed the nurse. The nurse was talking to the doctor on call and they were discussing the situation and Mia desperately wanted to know what was going on. Finally the doctor walked to Mia, "We are going to do a few tests on Nathaniel and see what's going on. I suggest you go out to the waiting area and just wait. I know this is no comfort about your son but hopefully we will figure it out soon" the doctor said and Mia followed his directions and headed out to the waiting area.

She sat down and put her hands in her face and cried. She finally calmed down enough to hear her cell phone ringing and she looked to see Kris was calling her.

"Hey Kris" Mia said.
"Baby what's wrong? You sound upset" Kris asked with concern.
"Nathaniel is not nursing and I am scared for him. I tried and he refused to attach to my breast. He was doing so well and now this. I....I...I just feel so" Mia tried to explain and Kris cut her off, "I am on my way to the hospital now just stay put, sweetheart".
"Ok Kris. I am in the waiting room outside the nursery waiting on the doctor while they figure out what's going on" Mia explained.
"I am at my car and should be there shortly. Just relax it's going to be ok. Love you Mini".
"Love you too"
Mia closed her cell phone and now waited on Kris to show up and hold her.

After about 15 minutes Kris found Mia sitting in the waiting room. Mia jumped out of her seat and ran into his arms. He held her close and kissed the top of head. Mia started crying again and Kris just rubbed his hand up and down her back to try and calm her. Mia felt so much better now that she was in Kris's arms as he held her tight against this strong chest.

Kris whispered to Mia, "Its going to be ok baby. I promise".
Mia slowly started to relax and calmed down and looked up at Kris and he looked down at her and smiled and she smiled back. They went and sat back down in the corner and Mia explained to Kris what had happened while she was trying to feed Nathaniel. Then they waited on the doctor to tell them what was going on with their son.

Mia leaned her head on Kris's shoulder, "Why is this happening to us? I did everything correct to make sure this baby was healthy. I am so confused".
"I know you did Mini and I am sure everything will be alright so just relax and do not blame yourself for anything. You hear me" Kris stated seriously.
"Anything for you, Kris" Mia said sighing lifting her head up.

Kris took Mia's hand and pulled her onto his lap to hold her close and she snuggled into his chest again. She felt very content and then the doctor walked over to them and Mia and Kris got up from the chair.

"Mr and Mrs Letang, we have done some tests on baby Nathaniel and he seems to be getting sick so we are giving him antibiotics and food through an iv" the doctor said.
"Can we see him now" Kris asked and the doctor lead them back into the nursery.

When Mia and Kris saw their baby boy who was hooked up to several ivs.

"He looks so tiny and I am so worried about him" Mia said as Kris put his arm around her shoulders and held her close. Kris looked at his son and felt so helpless. He wished he could do more for Nathaniel but right now all he could do was pray for his son and be strong for Mia.

The couple watched their son for a long time until they both were told by the nurse to go and and get some sleep.

When they got home both they climbed into bed and Kris pulled Mia to him and held her. Mia felt so much better as Kris gently caressed her back and it lulled her to sleep. Kris fell asleep pretty quick too holding Mia.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chapter 25

****Warning Adult Content****

Mia woke up the next morning feeling amazing and she moved over to Kris's side and realized he was gone. She felt a little sad that he was already gone but knew he had practice and would be back so they could go and see Nathaniel. Mia could not wait to bring Nataniel home. She wanted her baby near her after all she and Kris had been through lately with her pregnancy and her earlier pregnancy.

Mia finally got up and ran into the bathroom. She then went into the kitchen to make some breakfast. Then she headed back into the bathroom and started the shower. She walked into the shower and the warm water felt good on her skin. She stood for a few minutes and let the water run over her. She then grabbed the shower gel and started to wash herself. Mia was in her own little world just thinking about last night with Kris when she swore she felt a hand on her hip. Mia turned and saw a smirking Kris standing right beside her.

"Holy god Kris. How on earth did you get in here without me hearing you and scaring the mess out of me?" Mia asked.
"I did say something and you did not hear me. I wonder what you were thinking about" Kris joked and pulled her close him and kissed her.
"Last night" Mia said as she blushed.
"Last night was spectacular and I have to brag one of my special talents" Kris laughed.
"You do have a talented tongue and lips" Mia joked.
This time is was Kris who blushed bright red and then kissed Mia deeply again.

Mia and Kris got out of the shower and Kris being the perfect gentleman helped dry Mia off and she enjoyed the intimacy of this moment. When he finished he helped her into her bathrobe and Mia went into the bedroom to get dressed. Kris took care of himself and then wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out.

Mia walked out of the closet mostly dressed. She was holding a shirt and when she saw Kris in just a towel, she smiled and Kris walked over to her and took the shirt out of her hands and threw it on the floor and pulled her close again. They kissed again and then Kris put his forehead against Mia's, "God Mia, I can't seem to get enough kisses from you. I want you so much and I do not know why".
Mia got serious and bit her lip and looked up at Kris, "I know we have not been intimate too much lately because of all my pregnancy issues but as soon as I can be with you, we can make love all you want".
"Mia, I did not mean to sound all guy and needing sex all the time. I just mean that I cherish our time alone and its so special to me plus I love kissing you" Kris smiled and kissed Mia again. Kris picked Mia up again and took her to the bed and they proceeded to have a repeat of the night before.

Kris's lips were all over Mia's body and she was enjoying it. He knew her erogenous zones very well. He used his magic lips to kiss her sensitive breasts and Mia cried out, "Oh yes Kris, god yes yes". Kris smirked and continued making love to Mia in their own special way for now. They both were touching and kissing and intense. After they both calmed down from amazing orgasms, Mia giggled and leaned onto Kris's chest.

"Kris did that help your craving for me?" Mia asked still giggling.
"Oh sweetheart that helped a lot but I will always want you because you are just so beautiful, perfect and my best friend. Love you" Kris said smiling brightly.
"You are my everything too my sexy husband and I will love you always too" Mia said and kissed Kris.

Finally Kris and Mia get ready to go and see how their son was doing. Nathaniel was actually doing well and had actually gained a pound which thrilled Mia and Kris. They were so hopeful that they would be able to bring their baby boy home soon. Life is a mysterious thing but there were lots of positives that made Kris know that he and Mia would be stronger no matter what happened. They loved each other and it was so visible with everything they did together.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Chapter 24

****Warning Adult Content****

A week later Mia was finally released from the hospital but her baby was having to stay in the neonatal unit until he was stronger.

Kris knew that Mia did not want to leave their baby in the hospital but she knew he was in good hands with the nurses there. As they left the hospital Kris looked over at Mia, who was staring out the window.

"Mia, sweetie I know you are having a hard time with leaving our baby at the hospital but its for the best" Kris said.
Mia turned her head to look at Kris and smiled, "I know he needs more special care so that he will be healthy and can come home with us".
"Mia, I am just happy that you are smiling" Kris said smiling back at Mia and then taking her hand and kissing her palm.
Mia blushed as Kris then winked at her and then turned his attention back to the road.

As they drove along back home a thought hit Mia and she looked at Kris, "It just hit me, we have not given our son a name. They have "Baby Boy Letang" on his wrist band. He needs a name, Kris" Mia said emphatically.
"We can figure it out when we get home" Kris said calmly and Mia relaxed.

Mia and Kris got home and went into the den. Kris sat down on the couch and reached out his hand for Mia to take and he pulled her onto his lap and held her close.

"What names were you thinking about sweetheart?" Kris asked looking into Mia's eyes.
"Nathaniel Luc" Mia stated.
Kris smiled, "I like it".
"Good because I have been thinking hard ever since I found out I was pregnant what I wanted our child's name to be".
"I am glad we decided and when we go to the hospital tomorrow to see Nathaniel we can tell them his name for the birth certificate" Kris said and Mia leaned down and kissed Kris.

That night when Mia and Kris were laying in bed together and watching a movie. Kris was getting a little bored with the movie and he looked down at Mia who was snuggled up against his chest. He smirked to himself and slid his free hand to tilt Mia's chin to look at him. He leaned down and kissed Mia and then he deepened the kiss but Mia pulled back, "Kris we can't make love because its too soon after giving birth".
"I know sweetheart but we can do other things and right now all I want to do is pleasure you. I will be gentle I promise" Kris smirked again and helped Mia out of her pajamas.

Kris started kissing Mia's neck and then he gave her breasts special attention and Mia groaned at the pleasure Kris was giving her. Then he moved further down and kissed her stomach and then further down.
Mia cried out Kris's name when he let his tongue gently caressed her clitoris. He kissed her most intimate spot and she had the most amazing orgasm ever. Kris moved back up kissing her body more.

Kris looked down at Mia's closed eyes and smiled as he watched her calm down and let her breathing return to normal. Kris moved off of Mia and pulled her towards his body.

"Kris that....that was...gosh I do not have any words" Mia stuttered as she looked at Kris.
Kris smiled, "I figured you needed a little special attention after all you have been through lately. Je t'aime".
"I love you too Kris but you need some attention too" Mia said moving her hand down to help Kris get some pleasure too. Mia's hand on him drove Kris insane as she gently caressed him and he lost it pretty quick and enjoyed his orgasm.

"Mia, I love you so much" Kris said as he caught his breath.
"Je t'aime Kristopher" Mia said smiling.

Kris leaned down and kissed Mia deeply again and then they fell asleep snuggled together both very happy and very much in love.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chapter 23

Mia was having to stay overnight to make sure there were no other complications. Kris stayed with Mia and ended up falling asleep in a comfy chair that a nurse had brought for him.

In the middle of the night Mia started to feel weird and pushed the button for the nurse.

"Yes sweetie what's wrong?" the nurse asked walking over to Mia.
"Something is not right....oh god" Mia cried which woke up Kris and he jumped up and was at Mia's side instantly looking concerned and taking Mia's hand in his.
"What's wrong baby" Kris asked extremely worriedly.
"I am going to get the doctor" the nurse said and rushed out of the room.
"Kris something is not right and hurts...oh" Mia cried more and Kris was scared and tired his best to comfort Mia. He kissed the top of her head and said, "It's going to be fine baby. Try and breathe for me."

The doctor came in, "I need everyone to move out of my way so I can see what is going on with Mia".

Kris moved away as the doctor started checking out Mia. His eyes filled with tears because he was so scared for both Mia and their unborn child. He went and sat down and closed his eyes and prayed hard.

Meanwhile the doctor and the nurses checked over Mia and tried to figure out why Mia was still having pain in her abdomen.

The doctors worked for about an hour trying to find the reason and it turned out that Mia was going again into preterm labor and since she had been having pain several times it was decided that Mia would have to give birth early and hope for the best.

The doctor walked over to Kris and touched his shoulder, "Mr Letang, we are gonna have to let Mia give birth early because it seems that we can not stop her labor so we are taking her into an emergency room to have her give birth early. Go with the nurse to get washed up for the birth of your child."
Kris got up and followed the nurse to get ready for the birth of his child. He looked up at the ceiling and said another prayer to himself, "Please God if you are up there please make sure Mia and the baby be ok. I love both of them so much."

A short time later Mia had given birth to a premature baby boy. He was so small and Mia and Kris were only able to see him for a short time before he was rushed off to the neonatal unit.

Mia was visibly upset as was Kris and they held each other in Mia's recovery room. Kris looked at Mia and kissed her and then she smiled as he held her close and he said, "We need to be strong for each other now." Mia nodded as she leaned against Kris's chest and he hugged her and kissed her temple again.

Now they just had to pray and hope their son would be strong enough to survive.