Monday, January 10, 2011

Chapter 24

****Warning Adult Content****

A week later Mia was finally released from the hospital but her baby was having to stay in the neonatal unit until he was stronger.

Kris knew that Mia did not want to leave their baby in the hospital but she knew he was in good hands with the nurses there. As they left the hospital Kris looked over at Mia, who was staring out the window.

"Mia, sweetie I know you are having a hard time with leaving our baby at the hospital but its for the best" Kris said.
Mia turned her head to look at Kris and smiled, "I know he needs more special care so that he will be healthy and can come home with us".
"Mia, I am just happy that you are smiling" Kris said smiling back at Mia and then taking her hand and kissing her palm.
Mia blushed as Kris then winked at her and then turned his attention back to the road.

As they drove along back home a thought hit Mia and she looked at Kris, "It just hit me, we have not given our son a name. They have "Baby Boy Letang" on his wrist band. He needs a name, Kris" Mia said emphatically.
"We can figure it out when we get home" Kris said calmly and Mia relaxed.

Mia and Kris got home and went into the den. Kris sat down on the couch and reached out his hand for Mia to take and he pulled her onto his lap and held her close.

"What names were you thinking about sweetheart?" Kris asked looking into Mia's eyes.
"Nathaniel Luc" Mia stated.
Kris smiled, "I like it".
"Good because I have been thinking hard ever since I found out I was pregnant what I wanted our child's name to be".
"I am glad we decided and when we go to the hospital tomorrow to see Nathaniel we can tell them his name for the birth certificate" Kris said and Mia leaned down and kissed Kris.

That night when Mia and Kris were laying in bed together and watching a movie. Kris was getting a little bored with the movie and he looked down at Mia who was snuggled up against his chest. He smirked to himself and slid his free hand to tilt Mia's chin to look at him. He leaned down and kissed Mia and then he deepened the kiss but Mia pulled back, "Kris we can't make love because its too soon after giving birth".
"I know sweetheart but we can do other things and right now all I want to do is pleasure you. I will be gentle I promise" Kris smirked again and helped Mia out of her pajamas.

Kris started kissing Mia's neck and then he gave her breasts special attention and Mia groaned at the pleasure Kris was giving her. Then he moved further down and kissed her stomach and then further down.
Mia cried out Kris's name when he let his tongue gently caressed her clitoris. He kissed her most intimate spot and she had the most amazing orgasm ever. Kris moved back up kissing her body more.

Kris looked down at Mia's closed eyes and smiled as he watched her calm down and let her breathing return to normal. Kris moved off of Mia and pulled her towards his body.

"Kris that....that was...gosh I do not have any words" Mia stuttered as she looked at Kris.
Kris smiled, "I figured you needed a little special attention after all you have been through lately. Je t'aime".
"I love you too Kris but you need some attention too" Mia said moving her hand down to help Kris get some pleasure too. Mia's hand on him drove Kris insane as she gently caressed him and he lost it pretty quick and enjoyed his orgasm.

"Mia, I love you so much" Kris said as he caught his breath.
"Je t'aime Kristopher" Mia said smiling.

Kris leaned down and kissed Mia deeply again and then they fell asleep snuggled together both very happy and very much in love.

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  1. oh my hot hot...the name for their baby boy is so perfect..the middle name is for Luc Bourdon...awww...just perfect. I can't wait for another update.