Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chapter 26

Life can bring on twists and turns and sure enough Kris and Mia's lives were going to hit one of those twists.

Nathaniel had been gaining weight which made everyone happy but then he started to refuse attaching to Mia's breasts. That scared her and she worried that her baby boy would starve.

Mia looked up at the nurse when Nathaniel refused to suckle and turning away his head, "Why is he not eating? What's wrong with my baby?" Mia freaked out.
The nurse took Nathaniel from Mia and Mia fixed her shirt and followed the nurse. The nurse was talking to the doctor on call and they were discussing the situation and Mia desperately wanted to know what was going on. Finally the doctor walked to Mia, "We are going to do a few tests on Nathaniel and see what's going on. I suggest you go out to the waiting area and just wait. I know this is no comfort about your son but hopefully we will figure it out soon" the doctor said and Mia followed his directions and headed out to the waiting area.

She sat down and put her hands in her face and cried. She finally calmed down enough to hear her cell phone ringing and she looked to see Kris was calling her.

"Hey Kris" Mia said.
"Baby what's wrong? You sound upset" Kris asked with concern.
"Nathaniel is not nursing and I am scared for him. I tried and he refused to attach to my breast. He was doing so well and now this. I....I...I just feel so" Mia tried to explain and Kris cut her off, "I am on my way to the hospital now just stay put, sweetheart".
"Ok Kris. I am in the waiting room outside the nursery waiting on the doctor while they figure out what's going on" Mia explained.
"I am at my car and should be there shortly. Just relax it's going to be ok. Love you Mini".
"Love you too"
Mia closed her cell phone and now waited on Kris to show up and hold her.

After about 15 minutes Kris found Mia sitting in the waiting room. Mia jumped out of her seat and ran into his arms. He held her close and kissed the top of head. Mia started crying again and Kris just rubbed his hand up and down her back to try and calm her. Mia felt so much better now that she was in Kris's arms as he held her tight against this strong chest.

Kris whispered to Mia, "Its going to be ok baby. I promise".
Mia slowly started to relax and calmed down and looked up at Kris and he looked down at her and smiled and she smiled back. They went and sat back down in the corner and Mia explained to Kris what had happened while she was trying to feed Nathaniel. Then they waited on the doctor to tell them what was going on with their son.

Mia leaned her head on Kris's shoulder, "Why is this happening to us? I did everything correct to make sure this baby was healthy. I am so confused".
"I know you did Mini and I am sure everything will be alright so just relax and do not blame yourself for anything. You hear me" Kris stated seriously.
"Anything for you, Kris" Mia said sighing lifting her head up.

Kris took Mia's hand and pulled her onto his lap to hold her close and she snuggled into his chest again. She felt very content and then the doctor walked over to them and Mia and Kris got up from the chair.

"Mr and Mrs Letang, we have done some tests on baby Nathaniel and he seems to be getting sick so we are giving him antibiotics and food through an iv" the doctor said.
"Can we see him now" Kris asked and the doctor lead them back into the nursery.

When Mia and Kris saw their baby boy who was hooked up to several ivs.

"He looks so tiny and I am so worried about him" Mia said as Kris put his arm around her shoulders and held her close. Kris looked at his son and felt so helpless. He wished he could do more for Nathaniel but right now all he could do was pray for his son and be strong for Mia.

The couple watched their son for a long time until they both were told by the nurse to go and and get some sleep.

When they got home both they climbed into bed and Kris pulled Mia to him and held her. Mia felt so much better as Kris gently caressed her back and it lulled her to sleep. Kris fell asleep pretty quick too holding Mia.

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  1. poor baby Nathaniel. I hope he is okay. He better be okay. Mia and Kris have gone through way to much. Please let little baby Nathaniel be okay. love love the update. Can't wait for more.