Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chapter 23

Mia was having to stay overnight to make sure there were no other complications. Kris stayed with Mia and ended up falling asleep in a comfy chair that a nurse had brought for him.

In the middle of the night Mia started to feel weird and pushed the button for the nurse.

"Yes sweetie what's wrong?" the nurse asked walking over to Mia.
"Something is not right....oh god" Mia cried which woke up Kris and he jumped up and was at Mia's side instantly looking concerned and taking Mia's hand in his.
"What's wrong baby" Kris asked extremely worriedly.
"I am going to get the doctor" the nurse said and rushed out of the room.
"Kris something is not right and hurts...oh" Mia cried more and Kris was scared and tired his best to comfort Mia. He kissed the top of her head and said, "It's going to be fine baby. Try and breathe for me."

The doctor came in, "I need everyone to move out of my way so I can see what is going on with Mia".

Kris moved away as the doctor started checking out Mia. His eyes filled with tears because he was so scared for both Mia and their unborn child. He went and sat down and closed his eyes and prayed hard.

Meanwhile the doctor and the nurses checked over Mia and tried to figure out why Mia was still having pain in her abdomen.

The doctors worked for about an hour trying to find the reason and it turned out that Mia was going again into preterm labor and since she had been having pain several times it was decided that Mia would have to give birth early and hope for the best.

The doctor walked over to Kris and touched his shoulder, "Mr Letang, we are gonna have to let Mia give birth early because it seems that we can not stop her labor so we are taking her into an emergency room to have her give birth early. Go with the nurse to get washed up for the birth of your child."
Kris got up and followed the nurse to get ready for the birth of his child. He looked up at the ceiling and said another prayer to himself, "Please God if you are up there please make sure Mia and the baby be ok. I love both of them so much."

A short time later Mia had given birth to a premature baby boy. He was so small and Mia and Kris were only able to see him for a short time before he was rushed off to the neonatal unit.

Mia was visibly upset as was Kris and they held each other in Mia's recovery room. Kris looked at Mia and kissed her and then she smiled as he held her close and he said, "We need to be strong for each other now." Mia nodded as she leaned against Kris's chest and he hugged her and kissed her temple again.

Now they just had to pray and hope their son would be strong enough to survive.

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  1. oh my word. you can't leave me at this suspense girlie. i wanna know what happens. omg amazing update!!!