Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chapter 22

A few days later Kris and the Pens had a road trip to play the Predators, Hurricanes and Atlanta so Mia was staying and working at the Penguins offices. She had lots to do and when she got home she ate something and then would fall asleep quickly. Kris called to check on Mia to make sure she and the baby were doing well.

One particular evening Mia got home and ate some dinner and then decided to watch the game against the Hurricanes. She ended up falling asleep on the couch with the tv going. In the middle of the night Mia woke up feeling a horrible pain in her abdomen.

"Oh god" Mia said to herself as she tried to get up but it was worse so luckily her cell phone was close and even thought it hurt to move she got up and grabbed her phone to call Veronique. Mia listened and prayed that Vero would answer which she finally did, "Hey Mia, what's up?" Vero asked then looking at her alarm clock and saw that it was 2:30am.
"Vero, something is really wrong with my baby because......because...oh god" Mia cried out in pain.
"Mia, hold tight and I am coming over there and taking you to the hospital" Vero explained as she jumped out of bed and got herself ready as fast as she could.
"Thanks Vero" Mia said and then hung up her phone and tried to relax but the pain was bad. Mia called Kris's cell phone but knew she would get his voice mail and left him a message.

Vero showed up just a few minutes later and Mia let her in but it was hard and Vero helped Mia out of the condo and took her to the car. They headed to the hospital where Mia was admitted. Vero tried calling Marc Andre and Kris and left both of them messages explaining that Mia was in the hospital and something might be wrong with the baby.

Meanwhile Mia was being checked out by a doctor. They were doing some tests to figure out what was going on with the baby. Mia's mind wandered back to when she and Kris were teenagers and she had gotten pregnant the first time.

Mia and Kris were chilling in her bedroom on the bed watching some corny romance movie that Mia wanted to see and Kris had given in but was making snide comments throughout the movie.

"Come on give me a break that guy is so whipped by his girlfriend its not even funny. She tells him what to do and he does it. Give me a break" Kris said sarcastically.
"Kris, hush you said you would watch this with me so be good" Mia said and then shoved his shoulder.
"I am not gonna hush but I will hush you" he said and Mia looked at him confused then he leaned down and kissed her deeply. Mia gave into the kiss and then hands were exploring and clothes were getting tossed here and there and everywhere.
Kris made love to Mia that late afternoon and it was perfect until a month later when Mia found out she was pregnant but Kris was very supportive and wonderful unlike her parents who were not so happy.

Mia was knocked from her memories when she heard her name being called by the doctor.

"Mia, Mia" the doctor called out.
"Yes" Mia answered.
"You were somewhere else, I am guessing" the doctor said.
"I was, sorry. What did you want to tell me?" she asked looking concerned.
"I just wanted to tell you that you seemed very stressed and it was causing some slight contractions but its nothing that we could not stop and you will be fine as long as you have no stress. I am going to put you onto bed rest for the rest of your pregnancy" the doctor explained.
"My baby is going to be ok?" Mia asked hopefully.
"Yes your baby is fine but you need rest so I am also going to keep you here at the hospital overnight to make sure nothing else happens".
"Ok thank you doctor because I can't lose this baby" Mia said as a tear fell.
"Can I ask why you said that?"
"When I was a teenager I got pregnant and I lost that baby and it was really hard on me and my boyfriend. We both really wanted that baby and I was under stress when I lost it so when this happened I was so scared we would have to go through that again and I could not handle that" Mia explained as she placed her hands on her abdomen and smiled knowing this time her baby would be fine.
"Well knowing this information we definitely need to keep you on bed rest and stress free until this little miracle is born".
"I will do whatever it takes to make sure my baby is born healthy" Mia smiled.
"I will come back a little later on and check on you" the doctor said and then left Mia's room.

Back in the waiting area, Vero had finally gotten through to Marc Andre and Kris and Kris was heading back to be with Mia. Vero looked up and saw the doctor and went to talk to her.

"How is Mia doing?" Vero asked and hoped that the doctor would tell her something even though she was not family.
"Are you family?" the doctor asked.
"I am her sister" Vero lied and prayed the doctor would believe.
"Oh well she is fine and you can go and see her. She is room 258".
"Thank you" Vero said and headed to see Mia.

Mia was resting and then she turned her head when the door opened to see Vero.

"Hey mamma, how are you feeling?" Vero asked and came and sat down next to Mia on her bed.
"Tired but happy because my baby is fine. Thank god because I was so sure I had lost this little miracle" Mia said sounding relieved.
"That's wonderful news about Baby Letang. Oh I talked with Kris and Marc Andre and Kris is on his way here as we speak so I am going to go and get him at the airport when he calls me".
"Good because I really need him here with me" Mia said as another tear fell and Vero pulled Mia into a hug, "Its going to be fine and you know Marc and I love you and are always here for you and Kris".
"I know Vero you are a great friend and sometimes I do not know what I would do without you".
"Oh you would be just fine and I know it".
"Thanks again for everything" Mia said leaning back in her bed.

They chatted until Vero got Kris's call and then headed out to pick Kris up from the airport.

When Vero got to the airport she saw Kris standing by the curb with his bags. Vero pulled to the side and stopped. Kris got in and then Vero pulled out.

"How is Mia?" Kris asked worriedly.
"She is going to be fine and so is the baby" Vero said to try and calm Kris down.
"Thank god because when I heard your message I freaked out and thought that Mia and I can't lose this baby. This baby means the world to both of us after we lost our first one" Kris said and then relaxed in his seat as Vero drove them back to the hospital.

When they got to the hospital, Kris practically ran to find Mia. He got to her room and walked in and saw Mia resting in her bed. Kris walked over and sat down next to her and took her hand in his and just held it.

Mia opened her eyes and saw Kris sitting next to her, "Kris you're here".
"I am here and going to take care of you and our baby always" Kris said and leaned down to kiss Mia gently.
"I love you Kris" Mia said smiling.
"I love you too Mia and I am glad that the baby is going to be fine".
"I am glad that the baby is ok but I was told that I have to be on bed rest because I was stressed out and because I lost our first baby" Mia explained and Kris pulled her into a hug and held her close and said, "I will do everything to make sure you and our baby are healthy because you two are so important to me!"
"I am so lucky to have you Kris" Mia said and kissed Kris again.
"I am the lucky one because I have you and you are giving me the most amazing miracle, Mia. I love you" Kris said and held Mia close and they kissed again.

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  1. awww....i am happy to know that baby Letang is going to make it. they need something happy in their life and that baby will do it.

    amazing update. can't wait for more