Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapter 21

The next couple of days Kris and Mia stayed with his mom and step dad until Kris felt that his mom would be fine. Mia was Kris's constant supporter and did what she could to make sure Kris was fine too. He had been so worried but he was also worried about Mia and the baby. She kept telling him she was fine but Kris knew that she did not need any stress either.

One evening Kris and Mia were taking a walk around his parent's neighborhood to just get some fresh air and get out of the house. Plus Kris had been bad about his workouts since he had other things on his mind, his mom, Mia and the baby.

"Mia, thank you for being my calming force during this chaotic time" Kris said and then kissed Mia's palm.
"I would do anything for you Kris" Mia said smiling and then Kris leaned down and kissed her.
"Thanks Mia and I would do the same for you too".

They continued their walk until it started getting dark and then they headed back to the house.

When they got back to the house Kris's parents were sitting in the den watching a movie and so Mia and Kris joined them. The movie was halfway over when Kris noticed that Mia had fallen asleep against his chest.

Kris whispered to his parents, "I think I am going to take Mia to bed and we will see you guys in the morning".
"Good Kris" his mom and step dad whispered back as Kris gently pick up Mia and headed to their room.

Kris laid Mia on the bed and covered her up and then he took of his shoes and then got into bed and held Mia. He watched her sleep until he felt his eyes get heavy and then he was out too.

The next morning Mia woke up and rushed into the bathroom to throw up. She knew it was part of being pregnant but boy it was not a pleasant way to feel first thing in the morning.

"Ugh" she said after wards and then grabbed a washcloth to clean her face off. Then while she was brushing her teeth, Kris walked in, "Good Morning".
Mia smiled and then rinse out her mouth and said, "Good Morning to you" and then she leaned up to give Kris a morning kiss.
"Are you ok?" Kris asked.
"Sure because throwing up is always a great way to start any one's day" Mia said sarcastically and rolling her eyes.
Kris smirked, "I am taking that as a yes that you are fine" and then pulled Mia into his arms and kissed the top of her head.
"Now this is a way better way to start my day being in your arms" Mia smiled into Kris's chest as they both laughed.

The two of them headed to the kitchen where Kris's step dad and mom were sitting having breakfast and reading the morning paper.

"Good Morning mom, Charles" Kris said and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then holding out a chair for Mia as she sat down.
"Good Morning Kris, Mia" both his parents said.
"Morning" Mia said as Kris handed her a plate and then he sat down next to her.
"How are you feeling mom?" Kris asked as he ate his breakfast.
"I am feeling so much better so you and Mia can relax when you guys head back" his mother said calmly.
"I just want to be sure" Kris said.

After breakfast Mia and Kris got their bags packed and said goodbye to his parents and headed to the airport. The flight was quiet and that was what both of them needed.

That night Kris and Mia spent the evening on the couch watching a movie. Mia snuggled into Kris's arms to get more comfortable.

"Are you comfy now sweetheart" Kris asked Mia.
"Of course I am why?" Mia asked looking at Kris.
"Because I am not" Kris said and then he held Mia close and slid so that he was laying on his back and Mia was lying on top of him, "Now that is way better".
Mia giggled and then Kris pulled Mia's face to his and kissed her deeply and then moved to nibble on her earlobe which he knew was one of Mia's erogenous zones.
Mia moaned and giggle as Kris then slid his hands on her back under her shirt. He gently caressed her back and Mia lifted her head and looked at Kris and then she just smiled and leaned down for another mind blowing kiss. Then Mia laid her head on Kris's chest as Kris put his arms around Mia and held her close and they ended up falling asleep together on the couch.

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  1. awww those two are so cute together. Kris taking care of his parents and Mia.

    I can't wait for another update