Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chapter 34 The End :)

Mia and Kris were super excited to find out that Alexandra and Vinny were engaged. Alexandra was having a small wedding with the family down in Tampa Bay and she wanted Mia as her matron of honor and Nathan as the ring bearer.

Kris, Mia and Nathan headed down to Tampa Bay for the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and everyone had a great time. At one point Alexandra found Mia and pulled her aside.

"What's going on?" Mia said as Alexandra pulled her off into a corner.
"I have to tell you something that I do not want anyone else to know just yet" Alexandra said secretively.
"Oh spill sis, what's going on?"
"I am pregnant" Alexandra exclaimed.
"Oh my god Alex that is wonderful and I am so happy for you?" Mia said hugging her sister.
"Thanks sis and Vinny is thrilled. And I have to say we actually got pregnant while we were still visiting you guys" Alexandra giggled.
Mia started giggling too and then everyone started staring at them and that made them laugh even more.

Kris and Vinny walked over to their wives to see what was going on. Kris held Mia close and Vinny did the same to Alexandra.

"What's so funny?" Kris asked.
"Can I tell him?" Mia asked her sister and Alexandra nodded.
"Alex and Vinny are having a baby and why its so funny is because they conceived while they were in Pittsburgh visiting us" Mia explained and Kris smiled and said, "Congratulations guys that is wonderful news".
"Thanks Kris" Alex and Vinny said.

The rest of the day was enjoyed by everyone. Vinny and Alexandra were sent off to a romantic honeymoon to the Caribbean.

Kris, Mia and Nathan headed back to Pittsburgh after a fun visit to Tampa Bay.


A few months later on Mia and Kris were relaxing at home when Mia felt her water break and so it was off to the hospital.

Luckily Sidney was around to help watch Nathan while Kris was with Mia as she gave birth to their new baby daughter, Sophie Elizabeth Letang. Mia and Kris were super thrilled at their new daughter. She was perfect and of course Kris and Mia were cooing and cuddling Sophie.

"Mia you are so amazing and Je t'aime ma belle" Kris said kissing Mia deeply.
"Je t'aime Kristopher. You are so amazing too" Mia said smiling at Kris.

After the nurses cleaned up Mia and Sophie, Kris went to find Sidney and Nathan so they could meet the newest Letang.

Sidney, Kris and Nathan walked back into the room to see Mia holding her new daughter.

"Oh my word Mia, she is beautiful" Sidney said smiling at his cousin.
"Thanks Sidney, she is beautiful and amazing" Mia said smiling at her little girl.
"Congrats Kris on being a father again" Sidney said giving Kris a handshake.
"Thanks Sid" Kris said and then picked up Nathan so he could meet his new sister.

"Nathan, this is your sister, Sophie" Kris said so Nathan could see her.
"Little baby" Nathan said touching Sophie on her arm.
"Yes she is a little baby, Nathan" Kris said smiling at Mia who was smiling too.


Time went by and the Letang's were learning all the ins and outs of being a bigger family with Sophie around and Nathan getting bigger. Life was good and Kris was becoming a very successful hockey player and winning the Stanley Cup a couple more times as a Pittsburgh Penguin.

Mia was loving being a mother to Nathan and Sophie. She and Kris were still very much in love as they were when they were youngsters. Kris made sure Mia still felt beautiful and sexy and Mia made sure Kris knew he still was her man and she only had eyes for him. Life was perfect and Mia and Kris lived happily ever after.



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chapter 33

****Warning Adult Content and Language****

Vinny came up to Pittsburgh to see Alexandra and the two of them did lots of talking about their future. They talked a lot about the loss of their baby with Kris and Mia because both couples had been through the loss of a baby. It made Alexandra and Mia become closer as sisters and friends.

During Vinny visit Alexandra enjoy some alone time and made attempts to work on making another baby.

Kris and Mia were also enjoying being parents and preparing to be new parents again with the new bundle of joy that Mia was carrying.

"Kris can you believe we are having another baby?" Mia asked as she and Kris were snuggled together one night in their bedroom.
"I am surprised but happy about this little guy" Kris said gently patting Mia's abdomen.
"Ever since I lost our first baby when we were teens, I never thought I would still be with you and married and having Nathan and now this little bundle too but I am so happy and lovey you so much, Kris" Mia said leaning up to kiss Kris. The kiss got heated and Kris moved above Mia and she put her hands in Kris's hair. Kris started helping Mia out of her pajamas and she helped him out of his boxers and shirt.

Mia enjoyed the feel of Kris's skin next to hers and then when he started kissing her all over, she went crazy. He started on her collarbone and his hands caressed her breasts and she was calling out his name over and over, "Kris oh god Kris Kris Kris!!!". Kris smirked and continued to kiss her breasts and she was squirming underneath him. Then he moved down to kiss her abdomen and he talked to the baby too. Mia had her hands in Kris's hair and that made Kris going crazy too. He finally made it down to her clitoris and kissed it which totally made Mia lose her mind, "Oh my god!!!!" And Mia had her first orgasm of the night. Kris moved back up and kissed Mia on the lips and then entered her gently. He moved in and out of her and thought he was going to lose it but kept his cool so that he could give Mia another orgasm. When he knew she was satisfied he let himself go and swore under his breath, "Oh fuck yeah baby. You are so damn wet and tight, baby" and then he emptied his seed into Mia's womb as he felt his own orgasm. They collapsed together and slowly caught their breath. After a few minutes Kris moved off of Mia and pulled her close to him.

"Kris, I love you" Mia said leaning up to kiss Kris. Kris kissed Mia back and smiled at her, "Je t'aime ma belle". Mia smiled and then snuggled back into Kris's strong arms and fell asleep with him.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter 32

Mia was enjoying having Alexandra around helping her with Nathan. It was great and Kris was happy too because he was able to take Mia out on dates and not worry about who was going to watch Nathan. Alexandra was enjoying her time with Mia and her family but Alexandra had her other reasons to be up in Pittsburgh and not in Tampa Bay with her boyfriend, Vinny.

Alexandra was watching Nathan one evening while Kris and Mia went out for a much needed romantic date. Alexandra looked at her cell phone which was ringing. She did not want to talk to Vinny at the moment because he was probably upset that she had just left and did not tell him where she was going. The phone stopped ringing and then it 'dinged' telling her she had a message.

"Oh bother, I can not deal with you now, Vincent. Nathan life is so complicated when you grow up, stay a kid as long as you can, sweetie" Alexandra said sighing.
Nathan just babbled and smiled at her.

After a while Alexandra finally got Nathan changed and put to bed for the night. She smiled as she watched him fall asleep and then she headed back into the living room and turned on the television. As she was watching a movie her phone rang again and she looked at it and gave in to talk to him.

"Hey" Alexandra said.
"Where are you Alex?" Vinny asked frantically.
"You do not need to know" Alexandra said calmly.
"Yes I do! I am worried sick and you just up and leave me what did I do?"
"Nothing Vinny, I just needed some time to think so please give me what I want".
"No Alex, I will not because I love you and people do not run away from the ones they love. So where the hell are you?"
"Please I love you too but I need this now" Alex said exasperated.
"NO where are you?"
"Vinny don't do this please. I beg you".
"Alexandra talk to me" Vinny practically screamed.
"Don't you dare yell at me, Vinny" Alexandra said starting to cry.
"Oh baby please do not cry and I am sorry for yelling but I am just so worried about you and have not been sleeping well with you not here next to me so please just tell me why".
Alexandra sighed, "Fine Vinny, I love you and I needed to leave because I miscarried and I was too scared to tell you" Alexandra said and then she heard a gasp from Mia. Alexandra looked up and saw Mia and Kris standing there looking at her.
"Alexandra" Mia said running over to her sister and hugging her.
"Vinny, I need to go and I will call you later" Alexandra said letting Mia hug her too.
"Fine baby but I love you no matter what" Vinny said and then they both hung up.

"Alexandra why did you not tell me your were pregnant and you lost your baby. And here I am expecting my second baby with Kris. Oh Alex I am such a horrible sister" Mia said still hugging her sister tightly.
"Mia you are not a horrible sister and I love you still and love being an auntie to Nathan and this little one you are carrying now. I got pregnant and Vinny was happy but then when I went for another check up a few weeks later that I had lost it and there was no reason. Sometimes it just happens and you know this, Mia".
"I do and Kris and I are here for you no matter what" Mia said and Kris nodded.
"Thanks guys and I am glad to be here and just getting away from Tampa seems to be helping too. Maybe I should tell Vinny to get up here for a day just so we can talk" Alexandra said.
"That sounds like a great idea and we have room here" Mia said.
"Yes we have room and it would be fun to see Vinny again and not on the ice" Kris joked and they all laughed.

That evening Alexandra called Vinny and they talked a long time. They worked out a time so he could come up and visit. Alexandra felt so much better about her and Vinny.

In the master bedroom, Mia and Kris were snuggled together watching some hockey highlights on Versus.

"Kris, I love you" Mia said.
"Mia, I love you too but what's really going on in your head?" Kris asked looking at Mia.
"Nothing I am just happy" Mia said looking up at Kris.
"I am happy too, sweetheart" Kris said and then leaned down and kissed Mia deeply.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chapter 31

Busy times were happening for everyone. Time was going by fast and it was the beginning of the playoffs. Mia was a busy mom and Nathaniel was almost one and it was crazy. She was also working as a photographer for the Penguins. Kris was busy too with practices, playoff games, media appearances and of course charity events. Life was crazy for the Letangs.

Mia's half sister Alexandra had come up from Tampa Bay, Florida to help watch Nathaniel and hang out with Mia. They saw each other once in a while when their mother made the whole family get together for holidays or other important family events. Alexandra loved Mia to death because she loved having a younger sister and the two girls always got along well.

Mia just got home and saw Alexandra and Nathaniel playing in the living room of the condo.

"Hey guys, looks like you two are having fun" Mia smiled as she put her stuff down and joined them on the floor.
"Hey sis, how was your day?" Alexandra asked as she looked at Mia and noticed that Mia looked overly exhausted.
"Great and I got lots accomplished but I am dead tired" Mia said yawning.
"Why don't you go and take a nap before dinner and I don't mind spending more time with my adorable nephew" Alexandra said.
"I would love that" Mia said hugging Alexandra.

Mia went to take a nap and Alexandra and Nathaniel continued to play. A couple of hours later Mia woke up and felt nauseous and ran into the bathroom to throw up. She was washing her face and hands when Alexandra knocked on the door.

"Hey Mini are you ok? I heard you coughing".
Mia opened the door and saw her sister, "Hey Alex, I am fine now. I think I might have eaten something that did not agree with me".
"Mia Elizabeth, I am NOT stupid and I know you are pregnant so do not lie to me" Alexandra said sternly to her baby sister.
"Ugh Alex, how do you know all this anyway?" Mia said confused.
"Mia, I remember when you got pregnant when we were all teenagers and all you did was sleep and throw up. So does Kris know about this little one?" Alexandra said patting Mia's abdomen and smiling.
"No because I have not had time to go to the doctor or even take a pregnancy test but I guess you are going to make me, eh" Mia said looking at her sister who was nodding.
"Yep we are going to head to the doctor now and I will help you with Nathaniel and I need to know if I am going to be an auntie again" Alexandra said excitedly.
"Fine let's go before Kris gets back" Mia said.

They headed to the doctor's and sure enough Mia was pregnant. Mia was checking out and looked out into the waiting area and looked at her son. She was so scared that she might go through what she did with Nathaniel and she could not handle that. She prayed silently to herself that everything would be easier this go around. Mia checked out and then walked over to Alexandra and Nathaniel.

Alex looked up and smiled, "So...?"
"Let's go to the car?" Mia stated and Alexandra got Nathaniel and they headed out.

In the car, Alex turned in her seat, "Ok now sis you are freaking me out are you or are you not?"
"I am giving Kris another child" Mia said with a smirk and Alex gave her little sis a hug.
"Awwwww another Tanger in the house" Alex exclaimed with a huge smile.
"Thanks Alex and I am super scared to tell Kris" Mia said as a tear fell down her cheek.
"Awww sweetie, He is going to be thrilled and he loves you so its going to be fine. Oh Mia I know what you are thinking and don't you dare think that. This baby will be fine. You hear me" Alexandra said and then gave Mia another hug before starting the car and then head home.

When the girls got home, Mia saw Kris's car in the driveway. She got nervous and butterflies in her stomach. As they got out of the car, Mia was more and more nervous but she took a deep breath as she walked in and saw Kris chilling in the sofa and Mia's nerves disappeared quickly when he smiled at her.

"Hey there, where have you all been?" Kris asked getting up of the sofa and coming over to Mia and pulling her close to kiss her and then Kris picked up Nathaniel who was saying, "Dada dada".
"Uhmm can we talk alone for a moment in the bedroom, please" Mia said to Kris.
"Sure sweetheart" Kris said putting Nathaniel down and taking Mia's hand and walking back to the bedroom.
Mia turned to Alex and mouthed, "Thank you" And Alex just smiled and took Nathaniel to go and play.

Kris shut the door to the bedroom and turned to look at Mia who was sitting on the bed and he walked over to the bed and sat down next to Mia.

"What's up?" Kris said looking at Mia.
"I am pregnant" Mia said looking back at Kris and praying he would be happy.

The next thing Mia knew Kris's lips were on hers kissing her and then he deepen the kiss and then Mia moved her arms around his shoulders. He laid her down on the bed and then moved back to catch his breath, "This is wonderful news, baby" Kris said looking down at Mia. She smiled and then said, "Thank god because I was scared to death of telling you".
"Mia why were you scared to tell me about your pregnancy".
"Because of what we had to deal with when I was pregnant with Nathan".
"Mia, I know that was scary for both of us but Nathan is healthy and we will just be even more careful this time" Kris said.
"Yes I will and I love you Kris".
"I love you too, my angel" Kris said kissing Mia again.
"So I think we need to have a celebration tonight and go out to dinner" Kris suggested.
"I like that idea" Mia said touching Kris's cheek. Kris smiled at Mia and then there was a knock at the door, "Hey you two love birds, oh goodness I better not be interrupting you two getting it on" Alexandra joked as she walked in and saw Kris laying on top of Mia on the bed.
"No" Kris said moving off of Mia and sitting up and helping Mia up.
"Good, because a little guy wanted his "dada"" as Alexandra brought Nathan in and he squealed with delight when he saw Kris. Alex gave Nathan to Kris and he snuggled into his dad's arms.
"Hey Alex go and get dressed up we are celebrating the new member of our family" Mia said putting a hand on her hand on her abdomen.
"Yay this is wonderful and congratulations guys. I am so happy for you two" Alexandra said and then gave her sister another hug.

Kris, Mia, Nathaniel and Alexandra went out to a nice restaurant in Pittsburgh to celebrate the new baby that Mia was carrying.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chapter 30

The Penguins were on the road and of course Kris was missing Mia and Nathaniel but he texted Mia as much as possible. He had just sent Mia a text that was very suggestive and was waiting for her response when Max grabbed his phone.

"Hey give that back to me" Kris hollered and tried to reach for his phone as Max kept the phone out of Kris's reach.
"Why do you want you phone so badly?" Max asked as the phone then beeped with notification of a new text message. Max then looked at the message and his eyes popped out, "I see now" Max exclaimed, "Kris is sexting with his wife". Kris turned a bright shade of red in front of several of his teammates and then grabbed his phone from Max.

Max, Sidney, Marc Andre and Jordan were all standing in the lobby waiting for the bus to show up to take them to the airport to head home but they all started laughing at what Max had just said.

"I can not believe that Kris had any clue what sexting was?" Max joked and Jordan and Sidney started laughing but Kris walked away and Marc Andre just looked at Max and followed Kris to the other side of the lobby.

Kris sat down on a couch and checked his phone. Marc Andre sat down next to Kris, "Hey you ok man?"
"Oui, Je suis bien" Kris said as he texted Mia back.
"Kris, I can tell you are ticked off. What's the matter man?" Marc Andre asked.
"Max est tres stupide" Kris said.
"Oui, this is true but something else is bothering you and I have a feeling its about the sexting comment".
"He thinks I am not up with the times and if he knew what Mia and I did before I left for this road trip he might be shocked" Kris said with a satisfactory smirk on his face.
"Oh really what did you two do? I am curious" Marc Andre asked raising an eyebrow.
"Sorry I am a good husband and keep my private intimate moments with my wife private" Kris said with a grin.
"Damn man, you got me curious."
"Let's just say Mia and I enjoyed each others company most of the night before we left" Kris said and then got up and headed towards the bus leaving Marc Andre just laughing.

The plane ride home was quiet because everyone was exhausted so most of the team was asleep.

When they landed Max found Kris and said, "Hey man are we cool because I noticed you seem pissed?"
"Max, we are cool and I know what sexting is and that Mia and I have a great intimate relationship especially since we have Nathaniel and hopefully more kids" Kris said smirking and then heading to his car.

Max just stood there quiet impressed with his teammate and friend and thought to himself, "I have taught you well, Kris". Then Max headed to his car too.

Kris got home late and when he got home he checked on Nathaniel and smiled at his little boy and then walked quietly into the master bedroom where Mia lay sleeping and looking like a goddess. Kris smiled to himself and got ready for bed and then slid in next to Mia and pulled her close to his body and fell immediately to sleep.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chapter 29

****Warning Adult Content****

The Penguins had a road trip coming up and that made Mia a little stressed with a newborn baby to deal with while Kris was out of town. She tried not to show her stress but it came through one evening after dinner.

Mia was feeding Nathaniel and Kris came into the nursery. He stood in the doorway and looked at Mia, "Hey Mini, where did you put my favorite tie because I do not see it in the closet?"
"Kris, I have no idea right now. Don't you see I am a little busy here with your son. You are a grown man find it yourself!"
"Whatever" Kris said walking back to the bedroom.

Mia felt bad for being bitchy at Kris but she was kinda busy with Nathaniel. Nathaniel finally finished eating and Mia fixed her shirt and then changed Nathaniel and put him down in his crib for the night.

She walked back into the bedroom and watched Kris pack his bag. She walked in and went over to him and put her hand on his shoulder and he brushed her hand away.

"Leave me alone" he said and went back into the closet.
"Kris, please I am sorry for getting upset with you" Mia apologized and followed him into the closet.
"I do not know if I can accept your apology when all I did was ask you a simple question" Kris said hurtfully which surprised Mia and she turned to walk away but Kris grabbed her arm to stop her. She turned around and looked at him with tears in her eyes, "I did not mean what I said earlier, Kris. I am a little scared with you leaving and being alone with Nathaniel".
Kris moved past Mia and closed the closet door and then turned back to Mia, "I know its going to be hard but you are way better at all this baby stuff than I am. I know you will be fine because even when I am here, I still have no clue what I am doing and you help me. Everything will be just fine, Mia. Plus you can call me for God's sake. Not that I will have any good advice because its instinct for you as a mother and you got it down pat".
Mia looked at Kris, "Wow that was impressive Tanger and I will call you just because you are Nathaniel's father and have that instinct" she laughed which made Kris laugh and he pulled her into his arms and held her.

Mia moved out of Kris's embrace for a moment and starting looking in the closet and Kris stopped her, "I do not care about that stupid tie anymore".
"I forgot I put it with your hats for some random reason" Mia said pulling it out of a pile on a shelf. Mia handed it to him and he took it and smiled and then took Mia's hand and pulled her close to kiss her senseless. Then he leaned his forehead against hers, "That was definitely not where I would have found it" he teased.
"No I guess I put it there and was going to put it with your other ones and got distracted for some reason" Mia smiled as she looked at Kris.
"I am sorry about everything" Kris said.
"Me too" Mia said biting her lip.

Kris didn't think twice he pulled her close again and let his hands roam her sides and started playing with her shirt. Mia pulled back and jokingly gave him a 'seriously dude' look. Then she tried to get away but Kris was too strong and held her close. She continued to squirm but it was useless and it also made Kris losing his footing and they fell onto the floor of the closet with Kris landing on top of Mia. Luckily the closet floor was carpeted or else Mia would have been really hurt. She started laughing which made Kris laugh too, "You ok Mini?"
"Yeah I am fine" she said, "You ok?"
"I landed on you sweetie and I am a lot heavier than you. I admit you are a great cushion with all those gorgeous curves" Kris joked.
"Kris are you hitting on me?" Mia joked back.
"Hell ya I am and hopefully it works because I was wishing I would get some before I headed out".
"Get what" Mia sarcastically said looking at Kris with a smirk.
"You playing hard to get?"
"Of course, I do just give it up for any man I just met".
"So we just met eh".
"What's your name?"
"Kristopher and what's yours?"
"Mia Elizabeth".
"Mia Elizabeth that is a beautiful name".
"Thank you, Kristopher".
"You are welcome and now that we know each others names what do you think of me showing you a great time" Kris winked.
Mia giggled and felt Kris's hands move across her abdomen and she moved her hands to help Kris take off his shirt and sure enough their clothes were dispersed all around the closet.

Kris kissed Mia on the lips and then moved down to her collar bone and she slid her hands through his hair and moaned Kris's name because he was driving her insane in a great way.
"Kris oh god yes, yes, Kris".
Kris smirked to himself because he knew all of Mia's soft spots and knew she was enjoying their little spontaneous loving making in the closet.
Kris continued kissing Mia and gave each of her breasts special attention and this was driving Mia even more insane, "Kris please I want you now!"
"Not yet baby" Kris continued to kiss her stomach and then moved down to her most intimate spot flicked his tongue across her clitoris which made Mia scream out a little louder than she realized, "Oh my god, oh my god".
Kris then moved back up and moved her legs a little bit more and slid into her wetness. He groaned loudly too and was thankful that he had closed the closet door, "Good God Almighty Mia. You feel so damn good". Kris moved in and out of Mia and she kicked her legs around his waist to feel him deeper. Kris made love to Mia and then he felt her squeeze him and she cried out as her orgasm hit her powerfully, "Yes yes yes Kris. I love you" and then Kris felt his hit him too and then he spilled his seed into Mia's womb. They collapsed together in a sweaty mess on the floor of the closet.

After a few minutes Kris moved off of Mia and laid on his back. "Good god Mini the things your do to me".
"Kristopher the things you do to me are amazing" Mia said as she moved to lean on his chest.
Kris put his arm around Mia and she leaned down to kiss him again.

"Thank god I shut the door or else we might have been interrupted and I was not gonna miss this for him. Sorry but I need adult time with my beautiful wife".
"Hey I agree with you my gorgeous husband" Mia said smiling.
"I have to say that this is definitely a good place to be intimate with you because we can shut the door and there is carpet" Kris joked and Mia just shook her head, "You are too much, Kris".
Kris kissed Mia again and then helped her up and they got ready for bed.

"Goodnight Kris".
"Goodnight Mini".
"I love you" Mia said.
"I love you too" Kris said and gave Mia a goodnight kiss.