Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chapter 32

Mia was enjoying having Alexandra around helping her with Nathan. It was great and Kris was happy too because he was able to take Mia out on dates and not worry about who was going to watch Nathan. Alexandra was enjoying her time with Mia and her family but Alexandra had her other reasons to be up in Pittsburgh and not in Tampa Bay with her boyfriend, Vinny.

Alexandra was watching Nathan one evening while Kris and Mia went out for a much needed romantic date. Alexandra looked at her cell phone which was ringing. She did not want to talk to Vinny at the moment because he was probably upset that she had just left and did not tell him where she was going. The phone stopped ringing and then it 'dinged' telling her she had a message.

"Oh bother, I can not deal with you now, Vincent. Nathan life is so complicated when you grow up, stay a kid as long as you can, sweetie" Alexandra said sighing.
Nathan just babbled and smiled at her.

After a while Alexandra finally got Nathan changed and put to bed for the night. She smiled as she watched him fall asleep and then she headed back into the living room and turned on the television. As she was watching a movie her phone rang again and she looked at it and gave in to talk to him.

"Hey" Alexandra said.
"Where are you Alex?" Vinny asked frantically.
"You do not need to know" Alexandra said calmly.
"Yes I do! I am worried sick and you just up and leave me what did I do?"
"Nothing Vinny, I just needed some time to think so please give me what I want".
"No Alex, I will not because I love you and people do not run away from the ones they love. So where the hell are you?"
"Please I love you too but I need this now" Alex said exasperated.
"NO where are you?"
"Vinny don't do this please. I beg you".
"Alexandra talk to me" Vinny practically screamed.
"Don't you dare yell at me, Vinny" Alexandra said starting to cry.
"Oh baby please do not cry and I am sorry for yelling but I am just so worried about you and have not been sleeping well with you not here next to me so please just tell me why".
Alexandra sighed, "Fine Vinny, I love you and I needed to leave because I miscarried and I was too scared to tell you" Alexandra said and then she heard a gasp from Mia. Alexandra looked up and saw Mia and Kris standing there looking at her.
"Alexandra" Mia said running over to her sister and hugging her.
"Vinny, I need to go and I will call you later" Alexandra said letting Mia hug her too.
"Fine baby but I love you no matter what" Vinny said and then they both hung up.

"Alexandra why did you not tell me your were pregnant and you lost your baby. And here I am expecting my second baby with Kris. Oh Alex I am such a horrible sister" Mia said still hugging her sister tightly.
"Mia you are not a horrible sister and I love you still and love being an auntie to Nathan and this little one you are carrying now. I got pregnant and Vinny was happy but then when I went for another check up a few weeks later that I had lost it and there was no reason. Sometimes it just happens and you know this, Mia".
"I do and Kris and I are here for you no matter what" Mia said and Kris nodded.
"Thanks guys and I am glad to be here and just getting away from Tampa seems to be helping too. Maybe I should tell Vinny to get up here for a day just so we can talk" Alexandra said.
"That sounds like a great idea and we have room here" Mia said.
"Yes we have room and it would be fun to see Vinny again and not on the ice" Kris joked and they all laughed.

That evening Alexandra called Vinny and they talked a long time. They worked out a time so he could come up and visit. Alexandra felt so much better about her and Vinny.

In the master bedroom, Mia and Kris were snuggled together watching some hockey highlights on Versus.

"Kris, I love you" Mia said.
"Mia, I love you too but what's really going on in your head?" Kris asked looking at Mia.
"Nothing I am just happy" Mia said looking up at Kris.
"I am happy too, sweetheart" Kris said and then leaned down and kissed Mia deeply.