Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chapter 8

"Bonjour, comment allez-vous?" Mia answered her cell phone.
"Bonjour, ma belle. Je vais bien. Comment allez-vous?" Kris answered back.
"I am feeling confused right now" Mia said sounding slightly upset.
"What's going on sweetheart?" Kris asked sounding worried.
"Oh boy well first off, I decided to wear my engagement ring around my neck for now" Mia said knowing that Kris would be confused and upset.
"Why are you doing that?" Kris said sounding annoyed.
"Because there is something I have to tell you that's very important" Mia said.
"What's up?" Kris asked.
"I am pregnant again" Mia said and prayed that Kris would be happy.
"Really" Kris said sounding surprised.
"Don't sound so shocked Kris. Good Grief! You know very well that when we made love we did not use protection so it makes total sense that I am pregnant again!"
"I am just surprised but very happy about this baby, Mia".
"I am happy too but I am scared because of the fact that I lost our first baby" Mia explained but knew that Kris would understand.
"I understand but we are older and know more so our baby will survive this time plus I love you" Kris said smiling.
"I am so happy that you are happy and I love you too" Mia said smiling too.
"Now I see why you decided to keep the engagement quiet for now because a baby is enough news for the moment" Kris said understanding Mia's decision.
"Thank you for understanding Kris and yes the baby news is plenty now but I can't wait to tell the world we are engaged" Mia said excitedly.
"Me too, sweetheart. Oh by the way I was thinking of coming down this weekend to see you, if that's ok?" Kris asked.
"Oh yes Kris that would be perfect".
"Great, well I will call you later on with my flight details. Sweetie, I need to go because Marc Andre will be here soon so we can go and workout. Have a great rest of your day and I love you and the baby" Kris said.
"Laters, hot stuff. Je t'aime" Mia said as they both hung up.

After her chat with Kris, Mia headed downstairs to find her aunt, and Taylor hanging out in the den.

"Hey Aunt Trina, Taylor" Mia said as she went and sat down on the sofa next to Taylor.
"Hey Mia" Trina said looking up from her book.
"I told Kris about the baby" Mia said.
Taylor looked up at her cousin and asked, "You're pregnant, Mia?"
"Yes I am" Mia said looking at Taylor.
"Oh boy this is great. I hope its a girl because girls are fun and we can buy her all sorts of cute clothes but if its a boy that would be cool too" Taylor joked.
"I just want my baby to be healthy and happy" Mia said and Trina nodded her head.
"I am glad you told Kris and what did he think?" Trina asked.
"He is happy and he is coming this weekend to visit and so we can figure out things for the baby" Mia explained.
"I am glad to hear that Kris is happy about your baby. It will be great to see him this weekend too" Trina said smiling.

Later on that evening Sidney showed up at his parents for dinner. As everyone was cleaning up Mia suggested to Sidney that they take a walk.

"You ready Sidney?" Mia asked as she waited on Sidney to grab a hat.
"Yep let's go" Sidney said as they headed out the door and of course Sidney was the prefect gentleman holding the door for Mia.
"Thanks" Mia said and then they were off.

After a few minutes of Sidney talking about all the craziness he had been doing for Reebok, Mia decided to change the subject, "Sid, I have something to tell you".
"What's up" Sidney said as they continued on their walk.
"I am pregnant" Mia stated.
Sidney turned his head and stopped, "Really wow! That's wonderful news. And I assume that Kris is happy too".
Mia stopped too and turned to look at Sidney, "Yes Kris is happy and it is great news but I do have concerns because of my miscarriage I had when I was younger".
"Hey this baby is going to be fine. I have a great feeling about this" Sidney said hugging Mia and then giving her a quick kiss on the forehead.
"Thanks Sid. I appreciate your support because you are one of my best friends".
"I would do anything for you" Sidney said and then they continued on their walk.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chapter 7

Kris and Mia enjoyed a couple more days on their romantic vacation. They relaxed on the beach, checked out the sites during the day and at night they spent time alone being with each other and making love.

Mia was sad to leave Bermuda but she knew that the real world would have to start up again. She was heading to Halifax to visit more with Sidney, his family. Kris was heading up to Montreal to start some more serious training for the new season with his teammate, Marc Andre Fleury. He really wanted to be going to Halifax with Mia but he had promised Marc Andre they would train together for a few weeks.

They were at the airport waiting on their flights. Mia's flight left sooner than his so he sat with her until her flight was called.

"I hate that you are going to Halifax and I am headed to Montreal" Kris said.
"I know I hate it too but you promised me you would come and visit so I am counting on that" Mia said smiling at Kris and he leaned down and gave her a quick kiss.
"Believe me I plan on visiting a lot" Kris smirked.
"That sounds wonderful to me" Mia smiled leaning her head on Kris's shoulder.

Finally Mia's flight was called and she got up and so did Kris. He held her close and said, "I love you and am really going to miss you, sweetheart but I will call you as soon as I get home".
"I love you too, Kris and really don't want to go" Mia said hugging Kris tighter.
"I know" Kris said giving Mia one last kiss before she headed off to her flight.

Kris watched Mia getting onto her flight and she turned around right before she headed down the flight tunnel and waved to Kris and he blew her a kiss. Then Mia was out of Kris's sight and he went to the window and watched as her flight took off. He already missed Mia but knew they would talk soon. After her flight was out of sight, Kris headed to the waiting area for his flight.

Meanwhile Mia got comfortable in her window seat watching the clouds and listening to her ipod. Mia started to feel sleepy so she put away her ipod and got comfortable and went to sleep.

Mia's flight finally landed in Halifax and she was so glad to be on the ground but she wished that Kris was with her but she would see Sidney and that made things better. She got off the plane and headed with the rest of the passengers to the luggage claim. When she got down there she saw Trina and Taylor waiting for her.

"Hey Mia, its so good to see you" Taylor said smiling at her cousin.
"Hey Taylor, its good to see you too. Hey Aunt Trina, how are you?" Mia asked getting hugs from both Taylor and Trina.
"I am good. How was your flight?" Trina asked.
"It was good and I was able to sleep for most of it so it made time go by faster" Mia said as they grabbed Mia's bags.

After they got Mia's bags they headed to the car and then headed home. Once they got home they all headed inside and Mia went to get settled. As she was unpacking she felt nauseated and ran to the bathroom and threw up. Trina walked by and headed Mia in the bathroom.

"Sweetie are you ok?" Trina asked walking into the bathroom and getting Mia a washcloth.
Mia took the washcloth and wiped her face off and then sat down on the counter, "Man I have been nauseated and throwing up for a few days".
"Really?" Trina said looking concerned at her niece.
"Yeah but I think its just because of being in another country and eating new stuff" Mia explained but not sounding to convincing.
"Mia are you sure that's what it is and nothing else?"
Mia looked at her hands and then looked up at her aunt.
"Mia, have you and Kris become sexually active again and are you using protection?" Trina quizzed.
Mia bit her lip, "Yes we having been sleeping together and no we kinda forgot to use protection".
"Mia Elizabeth Crosby, are you pregnant again?" Trina demanded.
"Probably" Mia said knowing that her aunt was surprised.
"Well then you need to tell Kris and we need to get you to the doctor's to verify that you are pregnant" Trina said and Mia nodded her head in agreement.

The next day Trina and Mia went to the doctor's and sure enough the test came back positive. Mia was pregnant again with Kris's baby.

Mia was sitting on a window seat looking out the window when her cell phone rang so looked at the phone and saw that it was Kris calling.

'Oh boy' Mia thought as she answered the phone.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chapter 6

Bermuda was lots of fun in the sun for Mia and Kris. They enjoyed the beach and checking out new restaurants. This vacation was a much needed time for both of them. One evening after Mia and Kris had enjoyed a very romantic dinner, they were walking along the beach. Kris got Mia to walk to a kinda secluded area on the beach because he has something special to ask her. They sat down on the sand and Kris held Mia close.

"Look at the sky. Its filled with stars" Mia said looking up at the sky.
"The view I have is even more beautiful" Kris said gently pushing some of Mia's hair behind her ear and she moved to look at him.
"Oh Kris" Mia said blushing. Kris then leaned down and kissed her.
"Mia there is something really important I need to ask you so here goes, Mia, I love you with all my heart and soul. You mean everything to me and I don't want to live life without you by my side. Will you be my partner in crime and my defense partner in life? Marry me? Je t'aime" Kris said pulling out the little box he had been keeping close to him.
Mia looked at the beautiful princess diamond cut ring in the box. It was gorgeous and very sparkly and the she looked at Kris and said, "Yes, Kris, I will be your defense partner in life. I will marry you and Je t'aime beaucoup" Mia said with tears in her eyes and then Kris placed the ring onto Mia's finger.
"Mia you just made me the happiest guy in the world" Kris said kissing Mia again.

They sat on the beach for a little while and then decided to head back to the room.

When they got to the room, Mia looked at Kris, "Let's sit on the balcony for a little bit, please".
Kris and Mia went and sat down on a chair and pulled Mia onto his lap. Mia snuggled into Kris's chest and arms. Kris enjoyed holding Mia close to his body as they enjoyed the evening.

Mia fell asleep in Kris's arms and he picked her up and took her to the bed. Kris helped a sleepy Mia get situated for bed and then he did the same. Kris held Mia as they slept throughout the night.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chapter 5

***Warning Adult Content***

A few days later Kris and Mia decided to go to the Bahamas for a much needed vacation. Sidney got them to the airport and wished them 'bon voyage'.

While Kris and Mia were waiting on their flight, Kris was checking in his carry-on bag to make sure a certain small box was safe and secure. He smiled when he felt it and then looked at Mia who was reading her book.

"Is that a good book?" Kris asked as he put his arm around Mia's shoulders.
"Yes it's a very informative photography book. I always want new ideas for taking pictures since it is my job" Mia stated and went back to reading.

A few minutes later their flight was called and everyone boarded the plane and were heading off.

Several hours later their plane landed in the Bahamas and Kris and Mia were getting their luggage and then finding a taxi to get to the resort. The drive to the resort was fun as they looked out the windows to see amazing views.

Finally Mia and Kris were checking into the resort hotel and heading up to their room. Kris dealt with the bellhop while Mia wandered around their room. The bedroom was gorgeous with a balcony that looked over the ocean. Kris went looking for Mia and found her enjoying the view on the balcony off their bedroom.

"There you are, I was wondering where you had disappeared to as soon as we got here" Kris joked as he came up behind Mia and put his arms around her waist and then kissed her temple.
"I could not resist checking out this view we have from our room. Look at the water its so blue and this room is magnificent. This was a great idea to come here and just relax for a few days. Thanks for bringing me here, Kris" Mia said turning in Kris's arms and leaning up for a kiss.
"Hey anything for you mon chéri" Kris said smiling at Mia and kissing her again.
"I think we should go and enjoy the ocean for a little while before dinner" Mia suggested and they went inside and got ready for the beach.

Kris and Mia found a nice spot and settled their towels and then walked hand in hand to the water. They swam around and just had fun for a little while until they both were ready for dinner.

After dinner Kris and Mia wandered around the resort checking all the stores and activities the resort offered.

"Wow this place has all sorts of things we can do. They really don't want anyone who comes here to be bored" Mia joked.
Kris laughed and nodded as they continued to wander around.

After a while Mia tired to hid a yawn but Kris saw it, "I think someone is tired".
"Sorry Kris, I guess I am really tired after our long day" Mia confessed.
"Its ok sweetheart, Let's head to the room" Kris said as they headed toward the elevators".

Once they got to the room, Mia headed over to her luggage to get ready for bed and Kris did the same.

Kris got into the bed first and was waiting for Mia to join him.

"Mia hurry up and get your cute butt into bed with me" Kris called out.
"My someone is a little antsy about going to bed" Mia called out from the bathroom.
"I sleep so much better having you in my arms, Mia".
"I will be there in just a moment, Mr. Antsy" Mia laughed as she looked at herself in the mirror one last time before finally opening the door and heading over to the bed.

Kris looked up at Mia and his eyes went big and then he grinned, "Wow, you look breathtaking Mia. Were you faking that yawn earlier just so you could seduce me" Kris asked looking at the sexy lingerie Mia was wearing.
"Actually that was my plan and I did fake the yawn because I was planning on seducing you" Mia said laying down next to Kris.
Kris put his hand on her waist to move her closer to him. Mia put her hand on Kris's chest and she could see the desire in his eyes as he moved above her. Kris took his time getting Mia out of her sexy outfit. Mia worked at getting Kris out of his boxers.

They slowly touched and caressed each other and played the seduction game very well until they both were very much in need of one another. Kris moved above Mia and starting kissing her neck and then moved to give special attention to her breasts by suckling each one making Mia moan out Kris's name several times. Kris moved down and kissed Mia's bellybutton which made Mia giggle. Kris looked up at Mia as she was laughing and he smirked and moved back up to kiss Mia's lips again. Mia slid her arms around Kris's shoulders and moved one hand into his hair. Kris slid one hand down to Mia's clitoris and caressed it gently.

"Oh god Kris" Mia cried out and of course Kris was very ready too so he slid inside of Mia and let out a groan because she was so wet, tight and perfect in every way. Kris moved in and out of Mia and their lovemaking was intense. Kris wanted to make sure Mia felt loved and cherished.

Finally Mia felt her orgasm hit her, "Oh god, yes yes Kris oh wow". Kris loved hearing Mia calling out his name as he made love to her. After a few more thrusts Kris felt his own orgasm hit and he swore under his breath as he spilled his seed into Mia's womb. Kris lowered himself onto Mia as they both slowly calmed down from making love.

Kris moved off of Mia and pulled her close to his body. They snuggled together in bed.

"I love you Kris" Mia said looking up at him with a smile.
"I love you too Mia" Kris said leaning down to kiss Mia for the millionth time that night.
"I hope you enjoyed my seducing powers" Mia said sleepily as she got more comfortable in Kris's arms.
"Oh I was very impressed, sweetheart" Kris said pulling Mia close.
"Glad my plan worked, Tanger" Mia said as they both finally fell asleep.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chapter 4

****Warning Adult Content and Themes****

Mia was relieved that she had finally told Sidney about her miscarriage. She had wanted to tell him for so long. Mia had not been able to tell many people because her parents had not been totally thrilled about their teenage daughter becoming pregnant even though Kris had been extremely supportive boyfriend.


Mia was sitting at her desk in her room trying to concentrate on her homework but she was not feeling so well. She got up to head into the bathroom she saw blood on her pants.
"Oh my god, mom help me please. Oh god my baby" Mia cried as she lowered herself onto the floor. Mia's mom, Leslie, walked in and found Mia on the floor.
"Oh Mia, sweetie" Leslie said getting down next to Mia and holding her as she grabbed her phone to call 911.
The ambulance got their quickly and took Mia to the hospital while her mom followed behind.

When they got Mia to the hospital they took her to see if they could save the baby. Mia's mom called her husband who left work and headed to the hospital. The doctor finally came out to talk to Mia's parents.

"We tired to save her baby but it was not possible. I don't know why exactly she lost the baby" the doctor said.
"She is young and has been working hard for her exams so maybe she lost it because of stress" Leslie said looking at her husband, Matthew.
"Stress is a possibility of a miscarriage and that she is young too. And what is the situation with the father of Mia's baby?" the doctor asked.
"Mia's boyfriend is great and he is good to Mia. Her mother and I think they were too young to be having sex but it happened and now we are going to be there for them and help them understand what happened" Matthew explained.
"That is understandable. If you would like to see Mia she is in her room resting. I want to keep her overnight just to make sure there are no complications from the miscarriage" the doctor said as they headed down to Mia's room.

Meanwhile Mia was resting in her room. She put her hand on her abdomen and realized that her baby was gone. Tears filled up her eyes and then she thought about Kris and knew she needed to call him. Mia looked at the table next to her and picked up the phone and called Kris.

"Bonjour mon chéri Mia" Kris answered.
"Kris, I..uh...I.." was all Mia could spit out and then started crying.
"Mia, what happened?"
Mia's mom walked in and saw Mia holding the phone and crying so she took the phone, "Hello who is this" she asked.
"Bonjour Mrs. Crosby its Kris".
"Ah would you please come to the hospital and we will explain everything" Leslie said to Kris.
"I will be there very soon and tell Mia, I love her please" Kris said.
"I will and goodbye" Leslie said as she hung up.

Leslie held her daughter and tried to relax her while they waited for Kris to arrive.

"Mom I wanted my baby. Its not fair that she was taken away from me" Mia cried.
"I know sweetie but you and Kris are too young to be parents so in the end its for the best" Mia's mom explained.
"Kris and I love each other so who cares if we are too young, we created a life that we both wanted and loved. She was growing inside of me so she was a part of me that I will always love and remember but I am furious she was taken from me" Mia cried.

Kris showed up at the hospital and found a young lady at a desk to find out what room Mia was in and then he headed to her room. When he got to the door he looked in and saw Mia on the bed laying on her side talking with her parents.

"Hello" Kris said knocking on the door as he walked in.
Mia looked up and smiled at him but he could tell she had been crying because her eyes were red.
"Hello Kris" Mia's father said and shook hands with Kris and then her mother came up to him and gave him a hug.
"We will give you two some privacy" Matthew said as Mia's parents left her room.
Mia patted the side of her bed and Kris sat down and took Mia's hand in his.
"What happened and why are you in the hospital?" Kris asked worriedly.
"I was working on homework and I did not feel well and then I saw blood on my pants and..." Mia started to explain when Kris interrupted her, "The baby? Is the baby ok?" Kris finished looking scared and confused.
"I lost it" Mia said and started to cry and Kris held her tightly to him and cried too. They cried together and held each other for a little while and finally Kris pulled back and looked at Mia. He gently lifted her chin up and leaned down and kissed her deeply and then said, "I love you Mia and am here for you no matter what".
Mia looked up at Kris and smiled, "I love you too and we will get through this together because we have always been there for each other and always will".
"Always Mia always" Kris said and kissed her again.

***End of Flashback***

Mia was still in here little world when she heard her name being called, "Mia, where are you?"
"I am in the bedroom, Kris" she said as the door opened and in walked Kris.
"Hey I was calling you for a little bit now. Have you been in here all this time?" Kris asked.
"Yeah sorry I was just thinking about the day I lost the baby and now realizing that you are always there for me and that's one of the many reasons I love you so much" Mia said smiling. Kris came over and sat down next to Mia on the bed and smiled at her.
"I promised I would and I love you so much too, sweetheart" Kris said and then leaned in for a kiss which became a little heated. Kris leaned Mia down on the bed and then Kris proceeded to make love to Mia to show her how much he loved her. Mia knew then and there that Kris's promise of "forever" was very real in her heart.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Chapter 3

The next day Sidney had some promotional things going on so after the three of them had breakfast together, Sidney headed out for the rest of the day. Kris and Mia decided to go swimming before it got terribly hot. The two of them were playing around in the pool and just hanging out.

"Kris, Sidney said something yesterday about how you guys talk about your personal lives in the locker room."
"Mia" Kris said swimming over to where she was standing, "I don't talk about anything personal that happens between us so you do not have to worry, sweetheart."
"Sid said you were very tight lipped about us so thanks but it made me think about what happened when we were younger" Mia said looking into Kris's eyes.
"Yeah that was hard for both of us but we are stronger as a couple because of what happened" Kris said pulling Mia into a hug.
"I think about her all the time and have decided she is my guardian angel and protects both of us" Mia said as tears started to form in her eyes.
Kris held her tightly as he too thought of the baby they had lost when they were teenagers.
"Mia, I know she is up there watching over us and she will always be in our hearts."
"Yeah I know she is and I also know now as time as gone on that I was not ready to be a mom then so that is why I miscarried her."

"Mia, did you ever tell Sidney about the baby because I know you two are close?" asked Kris looking down at Mia.
"No my mom just told his family that I had a very bad case of the flu and needed to be hospitalized" Mia explained.
"Well maybe you might want to tell him but its up to you and I am not pressuring you into anything" Kris said as he started to swim around Mia.
"Yeah I probably will tell him now that I have brought the subject up again after all this time" Mia said smiling as she watched Kris swimming around.
"I love when you smile sweetheart. You look absolutely beautiful" Kris explained as he moved closer to Mia for a kiss.
"Thank you hot stuff" Mia joked winking at Kris.

Later that day Mia and Kris decided to go out for lunch at a nearby seafood place
that Sidney had taken Mia before and then after lunch they took a walk along the waterfront.

When they got home they saw that Sidney was back so Mia called out to him, "Hey Sid where are you?"
"Hey guys, I am in the kitchen" Sid responded as Mia and Kris walked into the kitchen.
"How was your Reebok thing?" Mia asked as she sat down at the table and then Kris sat down too.
"It was fine just the usual" Sidney said sitting at the table too.
"That's good" Kris said.
"Sorry to change the subject but there is something that Kris and I need to tell you" Mia said seriously.
"What's up?" Sidney said looking worried at both of them.
"We are both fine but there is something from my past that I want to clear up with you" Mia explained to Sidney.
"Sure" Sid said looking at Mia.
"Do you remember when I was in the hospital when we were all teenagers?"
"Yeah you had a very bad case of the flu is what mom told me."
"That is not exactly what was wrong with me. I actually was in the hospital because I had had a miscarriage and it was a little more serious because I was so young" Mia explained looking at Kris who had taken her hand in his.
"Oh gosh I never knew you were pregnant." Sidney said surprised.
"Yeah well I was not pregnant very long. Just a couple of months so no one except for our parents knew anything and in the end it was good that I lost it because Kris and I were too young to be parents."
"Wow that is a surprise and I am sorry the two of you had to deal with that at such a young age."
"It taught me to be more careful with Mia and that condoms are important" Kris joked along with Mia and Sidney.
"Mia, can I ask why you are now telling me about this?" Sidney asked curiously.
"Yeah Kris and I were just talking about it earlier and I know we are close and usually tell each other everything but my parents did not want this fact known throughout the family. I hope that you are not terrible upset with me" Mia said worriedly.
"No I am not upset with you about not knowing about your baby and miscarriage you were going through a tough time and its fine. I am just glad now you told me and I will always be there for you, Mia, no matter what because we are family and best friends too" Sidney explained, "Now come here and give me a hug."
"Thanks Sidney you are a great friend and I love you too" Mia said pulling back from the hug and smiling.

Chapter 2

Sidney was doing a good job of keeping the secret of Kris coming early from Mia. Mia would talk to Kris on the phone and was none the wiser about anything.

Thursday evening finally came and Sidney was checking his cell phone every so often and Mia was wondering what was going on.

"Why are you do interested in your cell phone Sidney?"
"Oh I have to go and pick up a friend at the airport soon and so I am just keeping track of the flight status."
"Who is coming to visit you?"
"No one is coming to visit me. I am just doing this friend a favor by picking them up because they did not have anyone else to pick them up tonight" Sidney explained as he left the room to find his keys.
"You are a really nice friend, Sidney" Mia said getting more comfortable on the sofa to watch television.

Sidney walked back into the den and looked at Mia, "Well I am off so I will be back in a little while so if anyone needs me tell them to call my cell."
"OK I will and have fun at the airport" Mia joked and went back to watching television.

Sidney was waiting by the baggage claim for Kris's flight to arrive. Luckily Sidney did not have to wait long because Kris's flight was on time and he finally saw his teammate and friend walking towards him.

"Sidney thanks for picking me up" Kris said as he and Sidney gave each other a hug.
"Its not a problem man and plus its going to be awesome seeing Mia's face when you show up" Sidney said as they went to get Kris's suitcase.
"I can't wait to see her. I have missed Mia bunches" Kris said smiling.

They got to the car and headed home.

When they got into the house Sidney and Kris walked into the den and saw that Mia had fallen asleep on the sofa. Kris went over and knelt down next to Mia and kissed her on the lips which surprised Mia and she quickly opened her eyes.

"Surprise" Kris said and Mia sat up quickly.
"Oh my god what are you doing here, Kris?" Mia said so excitedly hugging Kris and not wanting to let go.
"I wanted to surprise you. Sidney knew what was going on and obviously he did his job so thanks Sid" Kris said as he moved to sit next to Mia on the sofa.
"Sidney I ought to kill you but I love you too much for this surprise" Mia said getting up to give Sidney a hug and then going back to sit next to Kris.
"Mia, I love you too and thanks for not killing me" joked Sidney as he went to sit down in a chair nearby.
"I am so happy you are here, Kris but I thought that you had some family thing until Saturday?" Mia asked Kris.
"My mom knew I was bored and really wanted to be with you so she understood. And she says hello to you two" Kris said pulling Mia closer to his side.
"I must thank your mother for letting you come and be with me sooner" Mia said resting her head on Kris's shoulder.

The three of them sat there for a while longer talking and then they decided it was time for bed.

"Goodnight Sidney" Mia and Kris said as they headed to Mia's room.
"Goodnight you two and sleep well" Sidney said as he went to his room.