Friday, July 16, 2010

Chapter 5

***Warning Adult Content***

A few days later Kris and Mia decided to go to the Bahamas for a much needed vacation. Sidney got them to the airport and wished them 'bon voyage'.

While Kris and Mia were waiting on their flight, Kris was checking in his carry-on bag to make sure a certain small box was safe and secure. He smiled when he felt it and then looked at Mia who was reading her book.

"Is that a good book?" Kris asked as he put his arm around Mia's shoulders.
"Yes it's a very informative photography book. I always want new ideas for taking pictures since it is my job" Mia stated and went back to reading.

A few minutes later their flight was called and everyone boarded the plane and were heading off.

Several hours later their plane landed in the Bahamas and Kris and Mia were getting their luggage and then finding a taxi to get to the resort. The drive to the resort was fun as they looked out the windows to see amazing views.

Finally Mia and Kris were checking into the resort hotel and heading up to their room. Kris dealt with the bellhop while Mia wandered around their room. The bedroom was gorgeous with a balcony that looked over the ocean. Kris went looking for Mia and found her enjoying the view on the balcony off their bedroom.

"There you are, I was wondering where you had disappeared to as soon as we got here" Kris joked as he came up behind Mia and put his arms around her waist and then kissed her temple.
"I could not resist checking out this view we have from our room. Look at the water its so blue and this room is magnificent. This was a great idea to come here and just relax for a few days. Thanks for bringing me here, Kris" Mia said turning in Kris's arms and leaning up for a kiss.
"Hey anything for you mon chéri" Kris said smiling at Mia and kissing her again.
"I think we should go and enjoy the ocean for a little while before dinner" Mia suggested and they went inside and got ready for the beach.

Kris and Mia found a nice spot and settled their towels and then walked hand in hand to the water. They swam around and just had fun for a little while until they both were ready for dinner.

After dinner Kris and Mia wandered around the resort checking all the stores and activities the resort offered.

"Wow this place has all sorts of things we can do. They really don't want anyone who comes here to be bored" Mia joked.
Kris laughed and nodded as they continued to wander around.

After a while Mia tired to hid a yawn but Kris saw it, "I think someone is tired".
"Sorry Kris, I guess I am really tired after our long day" Mia confessed.
"Its ok sweetheart, Let's head to the room" Kris said as they headed toward the elevators".

Once they got to the room, Mia headed over to her luggage to get ready for bed and Kris did the same.

Kris got into the bed first and was waiting for Mia to join him.

"Mia hurry up and get your cute butt into bed with me" Kris called out.
"My someone is a little antsy about going to bed" Mia called out from the bathroom.
"I sleep so much better having you in my arms, Mia".
"I will be there in just a moment, Mr. Antsy" Mia laughed as she looked at herself in the mirror one last time before finally opening the door and heading over to the bed.

Kris looked up at Mia and his eyes went big and then he grinned, "Wow, you look breathtaking Mia. Were you faking that yawn earlier just so you could seduce me" Kris asked looking at the sexy lingerie Mia was wearing.
"Actually that was my plan and I did fake the yawn because I was planning on seducing you" Mia said laying down next to Kris.
Kris put his hand on her waist to move her closer to him. Mia put her hand on Kris's chest and she could see the desire in his eyes as he moved above her. Kris took his time getting Mia out of her sexy outfit. Mia worked at getting Kris out of his boxers.

They slowly touched and caressed each other and played the seduction game very well until they both were very much in need of one another. Kris moved above Mia and starting kissing her neck and then moved to give special attention to her breasts by suckling each one making Mia moan out Kris's name several times. Kris moved down and kissed Mia's bellybutton which made Mia giggle. Kris looked up at Mia as she was laughing and he smirked and moved back up to kiss Mia's lips again. Mia slid her arms around Kris's shoulders and moved one hand into his hair. Kris slid one hand down to Mia's clitoris and caressed it gently.

"Oh god Kris" Mia cried out and of course Kris was very ready too so he slid inside of Mia and let out a groan because she was so wet, tight and perfect in every way. Kris moved in and out of Mia and their lovemaking was intense. Kris wanted to make sure Mia felt loved and cherished.

Finally Mia felt her orgasm hit her, "Oh god, yes yes Kris oh wow". Kris loved hearing Mia calling out his name as he made love to her. After a few more thrusts Kris felt his own orgasm hit and he swore under his breath as he spilled his seed into Mia's womb. Kris lowered himself onto Mia as they both slowly calmed down from making love.

Kris moved off of Mia and pulled her close to his body. They snuggled together in bed.

"I love you Kris" Mia said looking up at him with a smile.
"I love you too Mia" Kris said leaning down to kiss Mia for the millionth time that night.
"I hope you enjoyed my seducing powers" Mia said sleepily as she got more comfortable in Kris's arms.
"Oh I was very impressed, sweetheart" Kris said pulling Mia close.
"Glad my plan worked, Tanger" Mia said as they both finally fell asleep.

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