Monday, July 5, 2010

Chapter 2

Sidney was doing a good job of keeping the secret of Kris coming early from Mia. Mia would talk to Kris on the phone and was none the wiser about anything.

Thursday evening finally came and Sidney was checking his cell phone every so often and Mia was wondering what was going on.

"Why are you do interested in your cell phone Sidney?"
"Oh I have to go and pick up a friend at the airport soon and so I am just keeping track of the flight status."
"Who is coming to visit you?"
"No one is coming to visit me. I am just doing this friend a favor by picking them up because they did not have anyone else to pick them up tonight" Sidney explained as he left the room to find his keys.
"You are a really nice friend, Sidney" Mia said getting more comfortable on the sofa to watch television.

Sidney walked back into the den and looked at Mia, "Well I am off so I will be back in a little while so if anyone needs me tell them to call my cell."
"OK I will and have fun at the airport" Mia joked and went back to watching television.

Sidney was waiting by the baggage claim for Kris's flight to arrive. Luckily Sidney did not have to wait long because Kris's flight was on time and he finally saw his teammate and friend walking towards him.

"Sidney thanks for picking me up" Kris said as he and Sidney gave each other a hug.
"Its not a problem man and plus its going to be awesome seeing Mia's face when you show up" Sidney said as they went to get Kris's suitcase.
"I can't wait to see her. I have missed Mia bunches" Kris said smiling.

They got to the car and headed home.

When they got into the house Sidney and Kris walked into the den and saw that Mia had fallen asleep on the sofa. Kris went over and knelt down next to Mia and kissed her on the lips which surprised Mia and she quickly opened her eyes.

"Surprise" Kris said and Mia sat up quickly.
"Oh my god what are you doing here, Kris?" Mia said so excitedly hugging Kris and not wanting to let go.
"I wanted to surprise you. Sidney knew what was going on and obviously he did his job so thanks Sid" Kris said as he moved to sit next to Mia on the sofa.
"Sidney I ought to kill you but I love you too much for this surprise" Mia said getting up to give Sidney a hug and then going back to sit next to Kris.
"Mia, I love you too and thanks for not killing me" joked Sidney as he went to sit down in a chair nearby.
"I am so happy you are here, Kris but I thought that you had some family thing until Saturday?" Mia asked Kris.
"My mom knew I was bored and really wanted to be with you so she understood. And she says hello to you two" Kris said pulling Mia closer to his side.
"I must thank your mother for letting you come and be with me sooner" Mia said resting her head on Kris's shoulder.

The three of them sat there for a while longer talking and then they decided it was time for bed.

"Goodnight Sidney" Mia and Kris said as they headed to Mia's room.
"Goodnight you two and sleep well" Sidney said as he went to his room.

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  1. aww what a cute chapter. i can't wait for another one.