Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chapter 7

Kris and Mia enjoyed a couple more days on their romantic vacation. They relaxed on the beach, checked out the sites during the day and at night they spent time alone being with each other and making love.

Mia was sad to leave Bermuda but she knew that the real world would have to start up again. She was heading to Halifax to visit more with Sidney, his family. Kris was heading up to Montreal to start some more serious training for the new season with his teammate, Marc Andre Fleury. He really wanted to be going to Halifax with Mia but he had promised Marc Andre they would train together for a few weeks.

They were at the airport waiting on their flights. Mia's flight left sooner than his so he sat with her until her flight was called.

"I hate that you are going to Halifax and I am headed to Montreal" Kris said.
"I know I hate it too but you promised me you would come and visit so I am counting on that" Mia said smiling at Kris and he leaned down and gave her a quick kiss.
"Believe me I plan on visiting a lot" Kris smirked.
"That sounds wonderful to me" Mia smiled leaning her head on Kris's shoulder.

Finally Mia's flight was called and she got up and so did Kris. He held her close and said, "I love you and am really going to miss you, sweetheart but I will call you as soon as I get home".
"I love you too, Kris and really don't want to go" Mia said hugging Kris tighter.
"I know" Kris said giving Mia one last kiss before she headed off to her flight.

Kris watched Mia getting onto her flight and she turned around right before she headed down the flight tunnel and waved to Kris and he blew her a kiss. Then Mia was out of Kris's sight and he went to the window and watched as her flight took off. He already missed Mia but knew they would talk soon. After her flight was out of sight, Kris headed to the waiting area for his flight.

Meanwhile Mia got comfortable in her window seat watching the clouds and listening to her ipod. Mia started to feel sleepy so she put away her ipod and got comfortable and went to sleep.

Mia's flight finally landed in Halifax and she was so glad to be on the ground but she wished that Kris was with her but she would see Sidney and that made things better. She got off the plane and headed with the rest of the passengers to the luggage claim. When she got down there she saw Trina and Taylor waiting for her.

"Hey Mia, its so good to see you" Taylor said smiling at her cousin.
"Hey Taylor, its good to see you too. Hey Aunt Trina, how are you?" Mia asked getting hugs from both Taylor and Trina.
"I am good. How was your flight?" Trina asked.
"It was good and I was able to sleep for most of it so it made time go by faster" Mia said as they grabbed Mia's bags.

After they got Mia's bags they headed to the car and then headed home. Once they got home they all headed inside and Mia went to get settled. As she was unpacking she felt nauseated and ran to the bathroom and threw up. Trina walked by and headed Mia in the bathroom.

"Sweetie are you ok?" Trina asked walking into the bathroom and getting Mia a washcloth.
Mia took the washcloth and wiped her face off and then sat down on the counter, "Man I have been nauseated and throwing up for a few days".
"Really?" Trina said looking concerned at her niece.
"Yeah but I think its just because of being in another country and eating new stuff" Mia explained but not sounding to convincing.
"Mia are you sure that's what it is and nothing else?"
Mia looked at her hands and then looked up at her aunt.
"Mia, have you and Kris become sexually active again and are you using protection?" Trina quizzed.
Mia bit her lip, "Yes we having been sleeping together and no we kinda forgot to use protection".
"Mia Elizabeth Crosby, are you pregnant again?" Trina demanded.
"Probably" Mia said knowing that her aunt was surprised.
"Well then you need to tell Kris and we need to get you to the doctor's to verify that you are pregnant" Trina said and Mia nodded her head in agreement.

The next day Trina and Mia went to the doctor's and sure enough the test came back positive. Mia was pregnant again with Kris's baby.

Mia was sitting on a window seat looking out the window when her cell phone rang so looked at the phone and saw that it was Kris calling.

'Oh boy' Mia thought as she answered the phone.

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  1. wow! this chapter is great. Mia is once again pregnant. can't wait to see what happens next