Monday, July 5, 2010

Chapter 3

The next day Sidney had some promotional things going on so after the three of them had breakfast together, Sidney headed out for the rest of the day. Kris and Mia decided to go swimming before it got terribly hot. The two of them were playing around in the pool and just hanging out.

"Kris, Sidney said something yesterday about how you guys talk about your personal lives in the locker room."
"Mia" Kris said swimming over to where she was standing, "I don't talk about anything personal that happens between us so you do not have to worry, sweetheart."
"Sid said you were very tight lipped about us so thanks but it made me think about what happened when we were younger" Mia said looking into Kris's eyes.
"Yeah that was hard for both of us but we are stronger as a couple because of what happened" Kris said pulling Mia into a hug.
"I think about her all the time and have decided she is my guardian angel and protects both of us" Mia said as tears started to form in her eyes.
Kris held her tightly as he too thought of the baby they had lost when they were teenagers.
"Mia, I know she is up there watching over us and she will always be in our hearts."
"Yeah I know she is and I also know now as time as gone on that I was not ready to be a mom then so that is why I miscarried her."

"Mia, did you ever tell Sidney about the baby because I know you two are close?" asked Kris looking down at Mia.
"No my mom just told his family that I had a very bad case of the flu and needed to be hospitalized" Mia explained.
"Well maybe you might want to tell him but its up to you and I am not pressuring you into anything" Kris said as he started to swim around Mia.
"Yeah I probably will tell him now that I have brought the subject up again after all this time" Mia said smiling as she watched Kris swimming around.
"I love when you smile sweetheart. You look absolutely beautiful" Kris explained as he moved closer to Mia for a kiss.
"Thank you hot stuff" Mia joked winking at Kris.

Later that day Mia and Kris decided to go out for lunch at a nearby seafood place
that Sidney had taken Mia before and then after lunch they took a walk along the waterfront.

When they got home they saw that Sidney was back so Mia called out to him, "Hey Sid where are you?"
"Hey guys, I am in the kitchen" Sid responded as Mia and Kris walked into the kitchen.
"How was your Reebok thing?" Mia asked as she sat down at the table and then Kris sat down too.
"It was fine just the usual" Sidney said sitting at the table too.
"That's good" Kris said.
"Sorry to change the subject but there is something that Kris and I need to tell you" Mia said seriously.
"What's up?" Sidney said looking worried at both of them.
"We are both fine but there is something from my past that I want to clear up with you" Mia explained to Sidney.
"Sure" Sid said looking at Mia.
"Do you remember when I was in the hospital when we were all teenagers?"
"Yeah you had a very bad case of the flu is what mom told me."
"That is not exactly what was wrong with me. I actually was in the hospital because I had had a miscarriage and it was a little more serious because I was so young" Mia explained looking at Kris who had taken her hand in his.
"Oh gosh I never knew you were pregnant." Sidney said surprised.
"Yeah well I was not pregnant very long. Just a couple of months so no one except for our parents knew anything and in the end it was good that I lost it because Kris and I were too young to be parents."
"Wow that is a surprise and I am sorry the two of you had to deal with that at such a young age."
"It taught me to be more careful with Mia and that condoms are important" Kris joked along with Mia and Sidney.
"Mia, can I ask why you are now telling me about this?" Sidney asked curiously.
"Yeah Kris and I were just talking about it earlier and I know we are close and usually tell each other everything but my parents did not want this fact known throughout the family. I hope that you are not terrible upset with me" Mia said worriedly.
"No I am not upset with you about not knowing about your baby and miscarriage you were going through a tough time and its fine. I am just glad now you told me and I will always be there for you, Mia, no matter what because we are family and best friends too" Sidney explained, "Now come here and give me a hug."
"Thanks Sidney you are a great friend and I love you too" Mia said pulling back from the hug and smiling.

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  1. oh wow. this chapter is amazing. i never knew that about Mia and Kris. Amazing update. i can't wait to see what happens.