Monday, July 12, 2010

Chapter 4

****Warning Adult Content and Themes****

Mia was relieved that she had finally told Sidney about her miscarriage. She had wanted to tell him for so long. Mia had not been able to tell many people because her parents had not been totally thrilled about their teenage daughter becoming pregnant even though Kris had been extremely supportive boyfriend.


Mia was sitting at her desk in her room trying to concentrate on her homework but she was not feeling so well. She got up to head into the bathroom she saw blood on her pants.
"Oh my god, mom help me please. Oh god my baby" Mia cried as she lowered herself onto the floor. Mia's mom, Leslie, walked in and found Mia on the floor.
"Oh Mia, sweetie" Leslie said getting down next to Mia and holding her as she grabbed her phone to call 911.
The ambulance got their quickly and took Mia to the hospital while her mom followed behind.

When they got Mia to the hospital they took her to see if they could save the baby. Mia's mom called her husband who left work and headed to the hospital. The doctor finally came out to talk to Mia's parents.

"We tired to save her baby but it was not possible. I don't know why exactly she lost the baby" the doctor said.
"She is young and has been working hard for her exams so maybe she lost it because of stress" Leslie said looking at her husband, Matthew.
"Stress is a possibility of a miscarriage and that she is young too. And what is the situation with the father of Mia's baby?" the doctor asked.
"Mia's boyfriend is great and he is good to Mia. Her mother and I think they were too young to be having sex but it happened and now we are going to be there for them and help them understand what happened" Matthew explained.
"That is understandable. If you would like to see Mia she is in her room resting. I want to keep her overnight just to make sure there are no complications from the miscarriage" the doctor said as they headed down to Mia's room.

Meanwhile Mia was resting in her room. She put her hand on her abdomen and realized that her baby was gone. Tears filled up her eyes and then she thought about Kris and knew she needed to call him. Mia looked at the table next to her and picked up the phone and called Kris.

"Bonjour mon chéri Mia" Kris answered.
"Kris, I..uh...I.." was all Mia could spit out and then started crying.
"Mia, what happened?"
Mia's mom walked in and saw Mia holding the phone and crying so she took the phone, "Hello who is this" she asked.
"Bonjour Mrs. Crosby its Kris".
"Ah would you please come to the hospital and we will explain everything" Leslie said to Kris.
"I will be there very soon and tell Mia, I love her please" Kris said.
"I will and goodbye" Leslie said as she hung up.

Leslie held her daughter and tried to relax her while they waited for Kris to arrive.

"Mom I wanted my baby. Its not fair that she was taken away from me" Mia cried.
"I know sweetie but you and Kris are too young to be parents so in the end its for the best" Mia's mom explained.
"Kris and I love each other so who cares if we are too young, we created a life that we both wanted and loved. She was growing inside of me so she was a part of me that I will always love and remember but I am furious she was taken from me" Mia cried.

Kris showed up at the hospital and found a young lady at a desk to find out what room Mia was in and then he headed to her room. When he got to the door he looked in and saw Mia on the bed laying on her side talking with her parents.

"Hello" Kris said knocking on the door as he walked in.
Mia looked up and smiled at him but he could tell she had been crying because her eyes were red.
"Hello Kris" Mia's father said and shook hands with Kris and then her mother came up to him and gave him a hug.
"We will give you two some privacy" Matthew said as Mia's parents left her room.
Mia patted the side of her bed and Kris sat down and took Mia's hand in his.
"What happened and why are you in the hospital?" Kris asked worriedly.
"I was working on homework and I did not feel well and then I saw blood on my pants and..." Mia started to explain when Kris interrupted her, "The baby? Is the baby ok?" Kris finished looking scared and confused.
"I lost it" Mia said and started to cry and Kris held her tightly to him and cried too. They cried together and held each other for a little while and finally Kris pulled back and looked at Mia. He gently lifted her chin up and leaned down and kissed her deeply and then said, "I love you Mia and am here for you no matter what".
Mia looked up at Kris and smiled, "I love you too and we will get through this together because we have always been there for each other and always will".
"Always Mia always" Kris said and kissed her again.

***End of Flashback***

Mia was still in here little world when she heard her name being called, "Mia, where are you?"
"I am in the bedroom, Kris" she said as the door opened and in walked Kris.
"Hey I was calling you for a little bit now. Have you been in here all this time?" Kris asked.
"Yeah sorry I was just thinking about the day I lost the baby and now realizing that you are always there for me and that's one of the many reasons I love you so much" Mia said smiling. Kris came over and sat down next to Mia on the bed and smiled at her.
"I promised I would and I love you so much too, sweetheart" Kris said and then leaned in for a kiss which became a little heated. Kris leaned Mia down on the bed and then Kris proceeded to make love to Mia to show her how much he loved her. Mia knew then and there that Kris's promise of "forever" was very real in her heart.

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