Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chapter 31

Busy times were happening for everyone. Time was going by fast and it was the beginning of the playoffs. Mia was a busy mom and Nathaniel was almost one and it was crazy. She was also working as a photographer for the Penguins. Kris was busy too with practices, playoff games, media appearances and of course charity events. Life was crazy for the Letangs.

Mia's half sister Alexandra had come up from Tampa Bay, Florida to help watch Nathaniel and hang out with Mia. They saw each other once in a while when their mother made the whole family get together for holidays or other important family events. Alexandra loved Mia to death because she loved having a younger sister and the two girls always got along well.

Mia just got home and saw Alexandra and Nathaniel playing in the living room of the condo.

"Hey guys, looks like you two are having fun" Mia smiled as she put her stuff down and joined them on the floor.
"Hey sis, how was your day?" Alexandra asked as she looked at Mia and noticed that Mia looked overly exhausted.
"Great and I got lots accomplished but I am dead tired" Mia said yawning.
"Why don't you go and take a nap before dinner and I don't mind spending more time with my adorable nephew" Alexandra said.
"I would love that" Mia said hugging Alexandra.

Mia went to take a nap and Alexandra and Nathaniel continued to play. A couple of hours later Mia woke up and felt nauseous and ran into the bathroom to throw up. She was washing her face and hands when Alexandra knocked on the door.

"Hey Mini are you ok? I heard you coughing".
Mia opened the door and saw her sister, "Hey Alex, I am fine now. I think I might have eaten something that did not agree with me".
"Mia Elizabeth, I am NOT stupid and I know you are pregnant so do not lie to me" Alexandra said sternly to her baby sister.
"Ugh Alex, how do you know all this anyway?" Mia said confused.
"Mia, I remember when you got pregnant when we were all teenagers and all you did was sleep and throw up. So does Kris know about this little one?" Alexandra said patting Mia's abdomen and smiling.
"No because I have not had time to go to the doctor or even take a pregnancy test but I guess you are going to make me, eh" Mia said looking at her sister who was nodding.
"Yep we are going to head to the doctor now and I will help you with Nathaniel and I need to know if I am going to be an auntie again" Alexandra said excitedly.
"Fine let's go before Kris gets back" Mia said.

They headed to the doctor's and sure enough Mia was pregnant. Mia was checking out and looked out into the waiting area and looked at her son. She was so scared that she might go through what she did with Nathaniel and she could not handle that. She prayed silently to herself that everything would be easier this go around. Mia checked out and then walked over to Alexandra and Nathaniel.

Alex looked up and smiled, "So...?"
"Let's go to the car?" Mia stated and Alexandra got Nathaniel and they headed out.

In the car, Alex turned in her seat, "Ok now sis you are freaking me out are you or are you not?"
"I am giving Kris another child" Mia said with a smirk and Alex gave her little sis a hug.
"Awwwww another Tanger in the house" Alex exclaimed with a huge smile.
"Thanks Alex and I am super scared to tell Kris" Mia said as a tear fell down her cheek.
"Awww sweetie, He is going to be thrilled and he loves you so its going to be fine. Oh Mia I know what you are thinking and don't you dare think that. This baby will be fine. You hear me" Alexandra said and then gave Mia another hug before starting the car and then head home.

When the girls got home, Mia saw Kris's car in the driveway. She got nervous and butterflies in her stomach. As they got out of the car, Mia was more and more nervous but she took a deep breath as she walked in and saw Kris chilling in the sofa and Mia's nerves disappeared quickly when he smiled at her.

"Hey there, where have you all been?" Kris asked getting up of the sofa and coming over to Mia and pulling her close to kiss her and then Kris picked up Nathaniel who was saying, "Dada dada".
"Uhmm can we talk alone for a moment in the bedroom, please" Mia said to Kris.
"Sure sweetheart" Kris said putting Nathaniel down and taking Mia's hand and walking back to the bedroom.
Mia turned to Alex and mouthed, "Thank you" And Alex just smiled and took Nathaniel to go and play.

Kris shut the door to the bedroom and turned to look at Mia who was sitting on the bed and he walked over to the bed and sat down next to Mia.

"What's up?" Kris said looking at Mia.
"I am pregnant" Mia said looking back at Kris and praying he would be happy.

The next thing Mia knew Kris's lips were on hers kissing her and then he deepen the kiss and then Mia moved her arms around his shoulders. He laid her down on the bed and then moved back to catch his breath, "This is wonderful news, baby" Kris said looking down at Mia. She smiled and then said, "Thank god because I was scared to death of telling you".
"Mia why were you scared to tell me about your pregnancy".
"Because of what we had to deal with when I was pregnant with Nathan".
"Mia, I know that was scary for both of us but Nathan is healthy and we will just be even more careful this time" Kris said.
"Yes I will and I love you Kris".
"I love you too, my angel" Kris said kissing Mia again.
"So I think we need to have a celebration tonight and go out to dinner" Kris suggested.
"I like that idea" Mia said touching Kris's cheek. Kris smiled at Mia and then there was a knock at the door, "Hey you two love birds, oh goodness I better not be interrupting you two getting it on" Alexandra joked as she walked in and saw Kris laying on top of Mia on the bed.
"No" Kris said moving off of Mia and sitting up and helping Mia up.
"Good, because a little guy wanted his "dada"" as Alexandra brought Nathan in and he squealed with delight when he saw Kris. Alex gave Nathan to Kris and he snuggled into his dad's arms.
"Hey Alex go and get dressed up we are celebrating the new member of our family" Mia said putting a hand on her hand on her abdomen.
"Yay this is wonderful and congratulations guys. I am so happy for you two" Alexandra said and then gave her sister another hug.

Kris, Mia, Nathaniel and Alexandra went out to a nice restaurant in Pittsburgh to celebrate the new baby that Mia was carrying.

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  1. awww this chapter is so cute. Mia and Kris are expecting another Tanger. oh boy. yay for you using Alexandria. can't wait for more