Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chapter 30

The Penguins were on the road and of course Kris was missing Mia and Nathaniel but he texted Mia as much as possible. He had just sent Mia a text that was very suggestive and was waiting for her response when Max grabbed his phone.

"Hey give that back to me" Kris hollered and tried to reach for his phone as Max kept the phone out of Kris's reach.
"Why do you want you phone so badly?" Max asked as the phone then beeped with notification of a new text message. Max then looked at the message and his eyes popped out, "I see now" Max exclaimed, "Kris is sexting with his wife". Kris turned a bright shade of red in front of several of his teammates and then grabbed his phone from Max.

Max, Sidney, Marc Andre and Jordan were all standing in the lobby waiting for the bus to show up to take them to the airport to head home but they all started laughing at what Max had just said.

"I can not believe that Kris had any clue what sexting was?" Max joked and Jordan and Sidney started laughing but Kris walked away and Marc Andre just looked at Max and followed Kris to the other side of the lobby.

Kris sat down on a couch and checked his phone. Marc Andre sat down next to Kris, "Hey you ok man?"
"Oui, Je suis bien" Kris said as he texted Mia back.
"Kris, I can tell you are ticked off. What's the matter man?" Marc Andre asked.
"Max est tres stupide" Kris said.
"Oui, this is true but something else is bothering you and I have a feeling its about the sexting comment".
"He thinks I am not up with the times and if he knew what Mia and I did before I left for this road trip he might be shocked" Kris said with a satisfactory smirk on his face.
"Oh really what did you two do? I am curious" Marc Andre asked raising an eyebrow.
"Sorry I am a good husband and keep my private intimate moments with my wife private" Kris said with a grin.
"Damn man, you got me curious."
"Let's just say Mia and I enjoyed each others company most of the night before we left" Kris said and then got up and headed towards the bus leaving Marc Andre just laughing.

The plane ride home was quiet because everyone was exhausted so most of the team was asleep.

When they landed Max found Kris and said, "Hey man are we cool because I noticed you seem pissed?"
"Max, we are cool and I know what sexting is and that Mia and I have a great intimate relationship especially since we have Nathaniel and hopefully more kids" Kris said smirking and then heading to his car.

Max just stood there quiet impressed with his teammate and friend and thought to himself, "I have taught you well, Kris". Then Max headed to his car too.

Kris got home late and when he got home he checked on Nathaniel and smiled at his little boy and then walked quietly into the master bedroom where Mia lay sleeping and looking like a goddess. Kris smiled to himself and got ready for bed and then slid in next to Mia and pulled her close to his body and fell immediately to sleep.

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  1. awww what a cute short update...haha the sexting is so cute and Max apologizing to Kris is good cause he deserves it. I can't wait for more, sis!