Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chapter 33

****Warning Adult Content and Language****

Vinny came up to Pittsburgh to see Alexandra and the two of them did lots of talking about their future. They talked a lot about the loss of their baby with Kris and Mia because both couples had been through the loss of a baby. It made Alexandra and Mia become closer as sisters and friends.

During Vinny visit Alexandra enjoy some alone time and made attempts to work on making another baby.

Kris and Mia were also enjoying being parents and preparing to be new parents again with the new bundle of joy that Mia was carrying.

"Kris can you believe we are having another baby?" Mia asked as she and Kris were snuggled together one night in their bedroom.
"I am surprised but happy about this little guy" Kris said gently patting Mia's abdomen.
"Ever since I lost our first baby when we were teens, I never thought I would still be with you and married and having Nathan and now this little bundle too but I am so happy and lovey you so much, Kris" Mia said leaning up to kiss Kris. The kiss got heated and Kris moved above Mia and she put her hands in Kris's hair. Kris started helping Mia out of her pajamas and she helped him out of his boxers and shirt.

Mia enjoyed the feel of Kris's skin next to hers and then when he started kissing her all over, she went crazy. He started on her collarbone and his hands caressed her breasts and she was calling out his name over and over, "Kris oh god Kris Kris Kris!!!". Kris smirked and continued to kiss her breasts and she was squirming underneath him. Then he moved down to kiss her abdomen and he talked to the baby too. Mia had her hands in Kris's hair and that made Kris going crazy too. He finally made it down to her clitoris and kissed it which totally made Mia lose her mind, "Oh my god!!!!" And Mia had her first orgasm of the night. Kris moved back up and kissed Mia on the lips and then entered her gently. He moved in and out of her and thought he was going to lose it but kept his cool so that he could give Mia another orgasm. When he knew she was satisfied he let himself go and swore under his breath, "Oh fuck yeah baby. You are so damn wet and tight, baby" and then he emptied his seed into Mia's womb as he felt his own orgasm. They collapsed together and slowly caught their breath. After a few minutes Kris moved off of Mia and pulled her close to him.

"Kris, I love you" Mia said leaning up to kiss Kris. Kris kissed Mia back and smiled at her, "Je t'aime ma belle". Mia smiled and then snuggled back into Kris's strong arms and fell asleep with him.

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  1. um WOW...the sex is so amazing and passionate. i can't wait for more Another update please.