Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chapter 25

****Warning Adult Content****

Mia woke up the next morning feeling amazing and she moved over to Kris's side and realized he was gone. She felt a little sad that he was already gone but knew he had practice and would be back so they could go and see Nathaniel. Mia could not wait to bring Nataniel home. She wanted her baby near her after all she and Kris had been through lately with her pregnancy and her earlier pregnancy.

Mia finally got up and ran into the bathroom. She then went into the kitchen to make some breakfast. Then she headed back into the bathroom and started the shower. She walked into the shower and the warm water felt good on her skin. She stood for a few minutes and let the water run over her. She then grabbed the shower gel and started to wash herself. Mia was in her own little world just thinking about last night with Kris when she swore she felt a hand on her hip. Mia turned and saw a smirking Kris standing right beside her.

"Holy god Kris. How on earth did you get in here without me hearing you and scaring the mess out of me?" Mia asked.
"I did say something and you did not hear me. I wonder what you were thinking about" Kris joked and pulled her close him and kissed her.
"Last night" Mia said as she blushed.
"Last night was spectacular and I have to brag one of my special talents" Kris laughed.
"You do have a talented tongue and lips" Mia joked.
This time is was Kris who blushed bright red and then kissed Mia deeply again.

Mia and Kris got out of the shower and Kris being the perfect gentleman helped dry Mia off and she enjoyed the intimacy of this moment. When he finished he helped her into her bathrobe and Mia went into the bedroom to get dressed. Kris took care of himself and then wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out.

Mia walked out of the closet mostly dressed. She was holding a shirt and when she saw Kris in just a towel, she smiled and Kris walked over to her and took the shirt out of her hands and threw it on the floor and pulled her close again. They kissed again and then Kris put his forehead against Mia's, "God Mia, I can't seem to get enough kisses from you. I want you so much and I do not know why".
Mia got serious and bit her lip and looked up at Kris, "I know we have not been intimate too much lately because of all my pregnancy issues but as soon as I can be with you, we can make love all you want".
"Mia, I did not mean to sound all guy and needing sex all the time. I just mean that I cherish our time alone and its so special to me plus I love kissing you" Kris smiled and kissed Mia again. Kris picked Mia up again and took her to the bed and they proceeded to have a repeat of the night before.

Kris's lips were all over Mia's body and she was enjoying it. He knew her erogenous zones very well. He used his magic lips to kiss her sensitive breasts and Mia cried out, "Oh yes Kris, god yes yes". Kris smirked and continued making love to Mia in their own special way for now. They both were touching and kissing and intense. After they both calmed down from amazing orgasms, Mia giggled and leaned onto Kris's chest.

"Kris did that help your craving for me?" Mia asked still giggling.
"Oh sweetheart that helped a lot but I will always want you because you are just so beautiful, perfect and my best friend. Love you" Kris said smiling brightly.
"You are my everything too my sexy husband and I will love you always too" Mia said and kissed Kris.

Finally Kris and Mia get ready to go and see how their son was doing. Nathaniel was actually doing well and had actually gained a pound which thrilled Mia and Kris. They were so hopeful that they would be able to bring their baby boy home soon. Life is a mysterious thing but there were lots of positives that made Kris know that he and Mia would be stronger no matter what happened. They loved each other and it was so visible with everything they did together.

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  1. awww another hot chapter from you. You are on a hot streak, my friend. woo *throwing water over my face* getting hot in here!! aww the last part is so beautiful. Can't wait for another update!