Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chapter 16

"Matthew, Matthew, where are you darling? I have news about Mia" Leslie said walking around until she found her husband who was in his office working at his desk.
"Darling what is it?" asked Matthew looking up from his work at his wife.
"Mia's married and she never told us. Why is she being so secretive about her life" Leslie said sitting down in another chair.
"I do not know and she is married!" Mia's father said shocked.
"Yes she practically screamed it at me in the store when I saw her and Kristopher".
"But Mia said she was going to be staying with Sidney this summer. What is she doing in Montreal?" Matthew questioned.
"Kristopher said that since Mia was pregnant that Mia changed her plans and decided to come up for the rest of summer vacation to be with him".
"That makes sense that Mia wanted to be with Kristopher so she can have him around if she needs help during the pregnancy but this marriage business is a huge surprise but Mia loves him so we really can not do much about that" Matthew said looking at his wife.
"Yes we can do something like that marriage annulled and quickly" Leslie said exasperated.
"Why? There is no reason to do that. They are married and are having a baby so we should be happy and supportive of Mia and Kristopher".
"I will not because Mia can do so much better than Kristopher. He is an athlete and will not always be around to help her raise their child. There are such better men with better occupations in our social circle that would be a better match for Mia and you know this Matthew" Leslie ranted and waved her hands around for emphasis.
"Actually for once darling I disagree with you about Kristopher. He is good to Mia, loves her completely and would do anything for her. I know why you are upset with her having his baby because he got her pregnant when she was a teenager but she is now an adult and loves Kristopher. And now I see why she kept it a secret because she knew how you would react and sure enough you reacted and badly. So if you do anything else to mess up Mia and Kristopher's marriage or their life, I might never forgive you. Are we clear darling?" Matthew said getting up and looking at Leslie.
"But...but" Leslie said and then gave up, "Sorry Matthew, I will go and call and apologize to Mia now".
"Thank you darling and everything will be fine and I also do not wish to miss anything about our grandchild and I would like to talk to Mia too so let's call her now" Matthew said picking up the phone and calling Mia.

Mia's cellphone rang and she looked down at the number, "Its my parents".
"Answer it sweetheart" Kris said and Mia clicked the phone, "Hello" she answered.
"Mia darling, how are you?" her father answered.
"Daddy, I am good. How are you?" Mia smiled as she talked.
"I am good and I just had a talk with your mother because she saw you earlier today at the store".
"Yes and she is probably mad at me but I had my reasons for how I acted".
"Darling, Congratulations about your marriage to Kristopher. I am thrilled about it. How is Kristopher doing?" asked Matthew.
"Thank you daddy and Kris is right here and is fine but I know mom and she is not happy about this and she was so mean to Kris. What's her deal?" Mia asked confused.
"She still thinks of you as her little baby and of course think about when you were a teenager but I told her you are an adult and love Kristopher so do not worry about anything she says anymore, I promise" Matthew assured his daughter.
"Thank you daddy and I am extremely happy with Kris and my baby. I have to say life is great".
"That is wonderful to hear, Mia. Your mother has something she wishes to talk to you about so again congratulations and you and Kris must come over to the house soon and have dinner with us. I love you Mia. Now here is your mother".
"Love you daddy and thanks again".
"Mia this is your mother and I am so sorry about how I acted in the store. Can you forgive me sweetie?" Leslie asked.
"I can as long as you apologize to Kris too" Mia said.
"I will, is he around?"
"Yes here he is" Mia said handing the phone to Kris and tell him it was her mother.
"Hello" Kris said.
"Hello Kristopher, I am very sorry for how I treated you in the store. And I hope that you and Mia are happy and have a wonderful marriage. Treat her well" Leslie said.
"Thank you Mrs Crosby and I love Mia very much and will make sure she is happy and taken care of always" Kris stated.
"That is all I wish for the two of you. Now may I speak with Mia again please?" asked Leslie.
"Sure, here she is" Kris said handing the phone back to Mia and giving Mia a quick kiss on the lips. Mia smiled as she took the phone back.
"Hello again mother" Mia said.
"I just wanted to say again I am truly sorry and you know I only want the best for you, Mia" her mother said.
"I know you do and I love you for that and thank you for apologizing to Kris that makes me feel better".
"You are welcome, darling. I need to get going and hopefully we will see you and Kristopher soon".
"Yes we can work that out and love you too" Mia said and then she and her mother ended their call.

After the phone call Mia went to find Kris who had wandered off and was sitting on the balcony enjoying the fresh air.

"There you are, hot stuff" Mia smiled and went and sat on Kris's lap. He pulled her close as she rested her head on his shoulder.
"I am here waiting for my beautiful wife to find me and keep me company" Kris said happily.
"I am so happy because I have my amazing husband to hold me and love me" Mia said and then leaned in for a mind blowing kiss from Kris.

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  1. aww...her dad is amazing and wonderful towards her. i am glad he straightened her mother out lol. great great chapter. can't wait for more.