Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chapter 15

Mia and Kris decided one day to go baby shopping. They were checking out the local Babies R Us in Montreal. They were checking out cribs when Mia saw of all people her mother with a saleslady.

"Kris, am I going crazy or is that my mother talking to that saleslady?" Mia asked freaking out.
"Relax sweetheart and yes it is your mom" Kris said soothingly rubbing Mia's back to help her calm down.
"Geez what in the world is she doing here at Babies R Us when she claims she was not thrilled about me having your baby. Ugh she is don't know" Mia said sighing and feeling better having Kris next to her.
"Why don't we go over and talk to her" Kris suggested and slightly nudging Mia towards her mother.

Mia slowly walked over to her mother and tapped her on the shoulder and her mother turned around and smiled, "Mia, Kristopher what a surprise! What are you two doing here in Montreal?"
"Hello mother its good to see you too" Mia said as Kris took Mia's hand in his to reassure her that the conversation would be civil.
"Hello Mrs Crosby its good to see you too and we are back in Montreal because I have been working out and Mia wanted to stay the rest of the summer with me" Kris explained and for a little extra emphasis he kissed Mia's temple. That little bit of public display of affection made Mia hope that her mom realized that Kris was in this relationship forever.
"That is good since you two are having a baby. Now Kristopher when are you going to make my grandchild legitimate by marrying my daughter" Mia's mother asked sternly and poking Kris's chest which surprised him.
Mia could not believe how her mother was acting and moved in front of Kris so her mother could stop acting crazy in public.
"Mother leave Kris alone now" Mia said exasperated and furious.
"No he needs to marry you because it will mess up your reputation and the family reputation" Mrs Crosby said sounding extremely upset.
"Who cares about reputations, mother! I love Kris and he loves me and that is all that matters. So what if we are not married and I am pregnant. People have kids all the time out of wedlock. And just for your information, Kris and I are married already" Mia announced and then looked at Kris and said, "Let's go now before I embarrass my mother anymore". Mia took Kris's hand and they left the store and got into the car and headed home. Mia's mother just stood there in shock after what Mia said and then thanked the saleslady and left the store too.

The drive back home Kris kept looking at Mia as she took deep breaths to calm herself down.

"Are you ok sweetheart?" Kris asked and reached over to take Mia's hand in his.
"No, how can she be about us. I do not understand" Mia said on the verge of tears.
Kris kissed the palm of Mia's hand and said, "I do not know but I am happy you stood up to her. You are stronger than you realize and that is important".
"Thank you Kris" Mia said smiling at him.
"You are welcome now what do you say we go and get something to eat and forget what happened earlier" Kris suggested.
Mia nodded her head in agreement and they headed off to make the rest of their day enjoyable.

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  1. damn...i want to beat the shit out of Mia's mother. ooh why won't she leave he alone?

    great chapter by the way. can't wait for more!