Monday, August 30, 2010

Chapter 14

Warning Minor Adult Content

Kris and Mia were enjoying living together at Kris's condo in Montreal. Mia had decided not to tell her parents she was in Montreal because of the conversation she had with her mom. Mia could not believe that her mom was upset that she was pregnant with Kris's baby. Her mother was a snob at times but always wanted what was best for Mia and Mia knew that. But right now Mia just wanted some stress free and plenty of alone time with Kris until they officially announced they were married.

Mia was making a romantic dinner for her and Kris. Kris had been working out really hard so Mia had a whole special evening planned. She was working on dinner when Kris walked into the condo.

"Hey sweetheart, what are you doing?" Kris asked as he walked into the kitchen and put his arms around Mia's waist and then kissed her temple.
Mia turned around in Kris's arms and kissed him deeply on the lips, "Hey hot stuff and I am making a romantic dinner for you and me".
"That is so sweet of you, Mia. Je t'aime" Kris said as he continued to hold her close.
"Now you need to let me go so I can finish dinner" Mia said trying to get out of Kris's arms and he let her go and walked back into the bedroom.

Kris helped set the table and turned down the lights. Then he lit the candles to make the scene even more romantic. Mia came out with the food and they sat down and enjoyed the meal.

After dinner Kris helped Mia clean up and then they headed into the bedroom where Mia went into the closet and quickly came out with a Victoria Secret bag.

"What's that?" Kris asked looking at the bag with a smirk.
"This is another surprise for you so I will be back in a few" Mia said giving Kris a quick kiss on the lips.
"Hurry up because I can't wait to see my surprise" Kris said thinking x-rated thoughts of him and Mia.

A few minutes later Mia came out of the bathroom in a very sexy outfit. She had a pink lacy top and panties outfit with a cute pink and white cover up. Kris's eyes went wide at the sight of his beautiful wife standing in front of him in this sexy outfit.

"Ma belle, Je t'aime" Kris said and then picked Mia up bridal style and laid her down on the bed.
"Merci, Kris. Je t'aime" Mia said after Kris laid her down and then he stood up and took off his shirt and jeans. Then Kris got back onto the bed next to Mia and helped Mia out of her outfit. Mia enjoyed the attention that Kris was giving her. He kissed her all over her body and made her laugh. Kris finally shed his boxers and then showed Mia how much he loved her. Their romantic night was spectacular and intense. Mia felt the most amazing orgasm as Kris made love to her several times that night.

"Good night Mia" Kris said and then he leaned down and kissed Mia's abdomen, "Good night baby".
After Kris said good night to the baby, Mia smiled as tears filled her eyes because she was so happy, "Good Night Kris".
Kris looked up at Mia and saw the tears, "Mia why are you crying, sweetheart?".
"Because it was so sweet that you said good night to the baby like that and that I know you are the man I love more than anything else in the world so I am extremely happy".
"I am just so happy about the baby and love you more than anything" Kris said pulling Mia into his arms and kissed her deeply and then they fell asleep in each others arms.

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