Friday, August 13, 2010

Chapter 9

The rest of the week seemed to go by fast for Mia. She was busy working out with Sidney and making sure she was ready for Kris's visit. Sidney was also making sure that Mia was eating right for the baby's sake.

Sure enough it was Thursday night and Mia was freaking out because Kris would be there in the morning. Sid gently grabbed Mia's arm and steered her in the direction of her bedroom and said, "You need to relax so go and get your bathing suit on".
Mia did what she was told and got ready to go swim with Sidney.

Sidney and Mia were enjoying splashing around in the pool.

"Thank you Sidney, I so really needed this and I am sure everything will be fine for Kris's visit tomorrow" Mia said totally enjoying herself.
"Yeah, Mini, everything will be just fine and you were kind driving me crazy with getting my house ready for Kris" Sidney said laughing.
"Sorry Sid, I did not mean to drive you batty" Mia said apologetically.
"It's fine" Sidney said splashing Mia and she retaliated.

Friday morning Mia and Sidney were at the airport waiting on Kris's flight to arrive. Luckily it was a quiet morning and so no one was paying any attention to Sidney and he was grateful even though he did love his fans there are times when you want to just be a normal person. Mia was watching the flight arrival board and realized that Kris's flight had just landed and he would be there soon.

"His flight has landed" Mia said excitedly and was pacing because she could not wait to see Kris.
"Chill Mini" Sidney said giving Mia a look and she sat down.

A few minutes later Mia saw Kris coming down the escalator and Mia ran over and when he got off the escalator she jumped into his arms.

Kris caught Mia and hugged her close and then moved to give her a kiss on the lips.

"I have so missed you bunches" Mia said smiling at Kris.
"I have too sweetheart. Je t'aime" Kris said kissing Mia again.
"Hey will you too give it a rest already" Sidney joked and Kris set Mia down and then Kris and Sidney gave each other a guy hug.
"Its good to see you too Sid" Kris said.
"Yeah its great seeing you too, Kris" Sid said as they headed over to the luggage area. Sidney looked over at Mia and noticed some sparkling around her neck.
"Hey Mia what's this" Sidney said as he touched the ring. Mia realized that when she jumped on Kris the ring and popped out of its hiding place so she had to tell Sidney the truth.
"This is my engagement ring from Kris" Mia explained.
"So you two are engaged?" Sidney asked looking at Kris and Mia.
"I asked Mia when we were on vacation in Bermuda so it was before we knew she was pregnant" Kris said.
"Why were you keeping it a secret? I don't understand that" Sidney said sounding upset as he looked at Mia.
"Because I decided that my pregnancy was enough news for now" Mia said as Kris put his arm around her shoulders.
"That makes sense but still Mia you knew this and you know I am good at not saying anything" Sidney said getting angry.
"Sid, why are you getting so mad at Mia. She did want she felt was right for us so get over it" Kris said angrily and holding Mia close to him.
Sidney blew out a breath and said, "Sorry Mia and did not mean to go off on you like that. I am sorry".
"Apology accepted and please help us continue to keep the engagement a secret until we are ready to announce it" Mia said and then gave Sidney a hug.
"Great I am so glad we are all friends again" Kris said and went and got his suitcase. Then they headed to Sidney's car and then they headed home.

When they got home, Mia showed Kris her room and left him to get settled and she went to find Sidney. Mia found Sidney in the kitchen with a beer in his hand and he looked confused.

"Sidney are you ok?" Mia asked as she walked over closer to Sidney.
"What?" Sidney yelled at Mia.
"Why are you drinking and yelling at me" Mia asked confused as she then took a few steps back.
"Just leave me alone Mia" Sidney yelled again.
"No why are you so pissed. I don't get it".
"Mia, we usually tell each other everything that is going on in our lives and yet you had to keep your engagement to my friend a secret because you are pregnant too. Give me a freaking break!"
"Sidney, its not like I wanted to keep you in the dark about the engagement and I was going to tell you as soon as Kris got here actually but you saw the ring at the airport so now you know. I hope you are happy" Mia said as she started to turn away when Sidney grabbed her arm to stop her.
"Ouch you are hurting my arm, Sid" Mia cried out.
"I am not happy on how I found out but whatever its out now" Sidney said still holding Mia's arm.
"Let go of me now!" Mia exclaimed.
"No not till I know why you have to start keeping secrets from me, your best friend" Sidney roared at Mia.
"Its just like Kris said at the airport, because it was too much news at one time" Mia said hoping that would calm Sidney down but it did not. He grabbed her other arm to make her look at him. He looked furious so she gave in, "Because actually Kris and I are already married and my parents would kill me if they knew. You know they are not the biggest fans of Kris because of when I got pregnant as a teenager. I know they seemed happy but behind the scenes they were not happy at all so you see now why I did what I did". Mia explained as Sidney finally let go of Mia's arms.
"Holy cow, Mia, I am in shock but I will keep your secret and am here for both of you guys because officially Kris is now family too. Sorry about your arms. Are you going to be ok?" Sidney asked.
"Yeah but Kris might not be so nice because as you can see there are hand prints on my arms but I am fine" Mia said giving Sidney a hug.

Kris came into the room, "Hey I heard yelling. What's going on down here?" Mia turned to look at Kris and he saw her arms, "Darling your arms. Sidney what did you do to Mia?" Kris asked looking like he wanted to kill Sidney.
"I am fine and Sidney apologized about my arms and I told him about us already being married" Mia confessed.
"Congratulations Kris, be good to her or I will have to hurt you" Sidney joked.
"Thanks Sid and I will and sorry we had to keep it a secret but I am sure Mia told you why we did it" Kris said.
"Yeah she did and I promise my lips are sealed. I love you guys" Sidney said as Mia grabbed both guys into a hug.
"I love both you guys too" Mia said smiling and then Kris and Sidney each gave Mia a kiss on both her cheeks.

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  1. aww this chapter is so cute. yay for a new update. can't wait to read more. Sidney deserves a big slap but I am happy he apologize.