Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chapter 11

Warning Adult Content

Morning came and Mia woke up facing Kris's strong chest and his arm holding her close. She reached up and touched his cheek gently and then traced his lips with her thumb and smiled to herself. Kris was perfect and wonderful and she loved him so much.

"Bonjour ma chérie" Kris said which surprised Mia from her thoughts.
"Bonjour, you scared me. I thought you were asleep still" Mia said and smiled.
"Sorry" Kris said and then leaned in for a kiss.
"Its fine. I love you" Mia said kissing Kris again and then Kris moved back on top of Mia. She slid her hands into his luxurious dark hair and welcomed the weight of Kris's strong body on top of hers.

Kris proceeded to make love to Mia again that morning. He went slow and gentle to make sure he loved her totally. Mia felt electric sparks everywhere Kris touched her. Their lovemaking was magical and wonderful, Kris knew where to kiss her, touch her and love her passionately. When Mia felt her orgasm hit her she cried out his name which made Kris feel his orgasm hit him too. They collapsed and calmed together in each others arms. Kris moved off of Mia and rolled onto his back.

"Kris" Mia said and moved so that she was leaning on his chest and looking down at him.
"Oui, ma chérie" Kris said in his adorable French accent that drove Mia crazy in a wonderful way.
"I love when you talk in French to me. It makes me love you so much more".
"Je t'aime darling en autant de façons. Votre cœur est beau et chaque fois que nous embrasser je sais combien tu m'aimes".
"Kris that was so beautiful and sweet and Je t'aime beaucoup. Now we really should get ready for the day besides laying in bed" Mia said.
"I think we should continue being lazy today and I can entertain you with my accent" Kris joked and Mia giggled.

Hunger finally got both Mia and Kris out of their room. They headed to the kitchen and made breakfast.

Sidney came in and smirked, "Well I see you two sleepy heads finally got out of bed this morning".
"Morning Sid and I bet you have done a million things already" Mia joked and Kris laughed too.
"Actually Mini, I have gone for a run, did my workout and had a phone interview".
"Sid, its no surprise you really are an amazing hockey player" Kris exclaimed.
"Thanks Kris and you are awesome too" Sidney joked and then headed out of the kitchen.

Later on Mia and Kris got ready for their day and then went for a walk around the neighborhood. They enjoyed each others company and no words were necessary. Everything seemed to be perfect and that was all Mia ever wanted.

That evening Mia, Kris and Sidney were all enjoying dinner when Mia's cell phone rang and she looked to see who was calling her, her mom.

"Hello mother, how are you?" Mia asked.
"Mia Elizabeth, why did you not tell me you were pregnant again and that Kris is the father!" exclaimed Leslie.

'Oh boy" Mia thought as she looked at Kris.


Je t'aime darling en autant de façons. Votre cœur est beau et chaque fois que nous embrasser je sais combien tu m'aimes.


I love you darling in so many ways. Your heart is beautiful and every time we kiss I know how much you love me.

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  1. ooh what a cute short chapter. I can't wait for more. please don't make me sit here and wonder what is going to happen between Mia and Kris.