Monday, August 23, 2010

Chapter 12

***This Chapter is dedicated to Melissa G for giving me inspiration to write this chapter when I was kinda stuck. Thanks you bunches!!!***

"Its great to be talking with you too mom" Mia said sarcastically and rolling her eyes.
"How could you not tell me instead I hear it from your friend, Tiffany" Leslie said sounding furious.
"I am not friends with Tiffany. She is a bitch who was always jealous of me dating Kris. And how in the world did she find out I was pregnant anyway. The only people who knew are Kris, Sidney, Aunt Trina and Taylor".
"Tiffany said she was at a fund raising function for Sidney's foundation and Trina and Taylor were there and Taylor accidentally spilled your news to her. And I saw Tiffany and her mother out shopping here in Montreal where she told me that you were pregnant" Mia's mother explained exasperated.
Mia took a deep breath and sighed, "Now you know, mother, I am having a baby and its Kris's and this time I am making sure nothing stresses me out because I am carrying this baby to term".
"Mia Elizabeth is this really what you want? A baby with that hockey playing boyfriend who is not around all the time?" Leslie asked worriedly.
"Yes it is, mom. I love Kris and we are in this together forever and I love that he plays hockey and is amazing, wonderful, loving, and protective of me. So nothing you can say this time will bother me because I know what I have gotten myself into and I am ready for the challenge of motherhood with the perfect man. I love you mother so goodbye" Mia explained and leaned her head on Kris's shoulder.
"We shall talk later, darling. I love you, Mia. Goodbye" Leslie said and they both hung up their phones.

Mia dropped her cell phone down on the table next to the sofa and then snuggled back with Kris.
"I guess she found out about the baby" Kris stated rubbing Mia's back gently.
"Yes and from that bitch, Tiffany. Ugh she makes me so mad".
"Yeah she is not a good person. But Mia you need to chill for the baby's sake" Kris said and he felt Mia take a deep breath again and let it out.
"I know so let's forget her and talk about something more interesting" Mia suggested and Kris smiled and then kissed Mia's temple.
"Mia, how did this Tiffany person find out about the baby?" Sidney asked.
"Taylor accidentally said something to her and then Tiffany told my mom".
"Oh I am sorry that Taylor said something, Mia" Sidney said.
"I am not mad at Taylor and knowing Tiffany she probably was just fishing for gossip about me or Kris and poor Taylor was the victim".
"That definitely sounds like her fishing for trouble. She really is not worth any one's time. So let's go swimming and forget this whole mess" Mia said getting up and pulling Kris off the sofa.

They went and got ready to swim. They had fun splashing around and swimming. At one point Sidney and Kris had a cannonball contest to see who could make the bigger splash and they made Mia be the judge. Kris sweet talked Mia into voting for him and Sidney declared the event unfairly judged and that no one should win. It was fun and that is what Mia needed.

Later on that night when Mia and Kris were watching television in bed, she thought about how lucky she was to be Kris's wife and that was still a secret that was still being kept and would be revealed at the best time.

"Goodnight Kris" Mia said and he looked down at her and kissed her deeply.
"Bonne nuit my sweet Mia" Kris said.

Mia snuggled into Kris's strong arms and feel asleep extremely happy and loved by her hockey playing man.

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  1. aww thanks for the dedication and love the chapter. man Mia's mom is biotch and I hope Mia and Kris prove her wrong.

    Mia and Kris's love for one another will survive.