Friday, November 5, 2010

Chapter 18

Warning Adult Content

Things were busy for Kris and the Penguins so that meant that Mia was busy too in the Penguins media department. She was working a lot on pictures for the website and other media sources. Luckily though Mia's pregnancy had recently calm down and she was not as sick as she had been so that was a relief especially since the Penguins were heading on the road and Mia was going to help out the media guys.

Mia and Kris were both rushing around the condo getting ready for the road trip. Mia was in the closet looking at which outfits she needed when she heard her name.

"Mia, have you seen my favorite tie?" asked Kris walking into the closet.
"Its right where you always put it on your side of the closet" Mia said pointing at Kris's ties and then handing Kris the tie.
"You are the best wife ever" Kris said and then giving Mia a quick kiss. Mia just shook her head and went back to what she was doing.

A few hours later Kris, Mia and the rest of the Penguins organization that were heading on the road to Montreal. The plane ride was full of chatter as several of the guys were playing a video game. Mia was looking over pictures on her laptop and talking with Chad Jackson, another Penguins media assistant, about the media project they had been assigned for this road trip. Kris looked over at Mia and smiled because she pushed some hair out of her eyes and he caught a glimpse of her wedding ring and engagement ring and that made him feel good because she was his wife and everyone now knew. He also noticed that she was very focused on what she was doing and did not hear when Max called his name.

"Tanger, hey Tanger" Max called and then Max noticed that Kris was looking at Mia, "Hey guys Tanger is thinking of different ways to hook up with Mia, his hot wife".
That comment caught every one's attention and Sidney smacked Max on the side of the head which made everyone start laughing and Max sat back down and sulked. Mia then looked at Kris and smiled at him and he smiled back.

Finally they landed in Montreal and then headed to the hotel where everyone got ready for practice and then headed to the arena for practice. Mia and the rest of the media folks watched practice and got some work done too.

Practice was over and everyone headed back to the hotel for lunch and rest before the game.

Mia was in her room working on her laptop when she heard a knock at her door. She got up and looked out the peephole and saw Kris standing there so she opened the door. Kris walked in and grabbed Mia's hand and pulled her to him and kissed her.
After the kiss Mia gave Kris as 'what was that' look and he looked at her and asked, "What's that look for, Mia?"
"Because you are supposed to be resting for the game tonight and not in here with me" Mia explained and then walked over to the bed where her laptop was and sat down.
Kris followed and sat down next to her, "We could do what Max suggested on the plane earlier".
Mia looked at Kris with a raised eyebrow, "Really Kris, give me a break you need lots of rest to play against the Canadiens so you are not going to do anything that Max suggested. Now go back to your room and go to sleep".
"I will but we need to compromise. If we win I get what I want tonight at the hotel in Toronto and if we lose I will wait until we are home but I think we are gonna win tonight" Kris said smiling.
"Agreed" Mia said and ushered Kris out of her room and he went back to take his nap.

That night at the game the Pens were not at their best during the first period. They were down by 2 goals but Coach Dan had lots of words to say to them between periods. But it did not help the guys, they seemed to be uninspired and just lazy and that ticked off the coaches. And the Pens ended up losing 6 to 0 and the bus ride to the airport was silent. Kris sat next to Mia on the flight to Toronto, "Interesting game sweetie" Mia said to Kris.
"It was horrible and I know I lost the compromise" Kris said quietly.
"No I think you won and I will make your night when we get to the hotel" Mia winked at Kris. Kris smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

Mia and Kris were in her room getting ready for bed. Mia was in the bathroom and Kris was waiting on her in the bed. She came out in one of his shirts and a pair of pajama shorts. Kris just smiled as she climbed into bed next to him. Kris was very quick to make sure Mia was naked like he was quickly. She giggled as he tickled her as he kissed her neck because for some strange reason he had decided there was no point in shaving his goatee.

"Kris oh my that tickles" Mia laughed but Kris continued kissing Mia's neck and shoulders and then continued to Mia's breasts. He took careful attention to Mia's breasts and she cried out his name and then he moved her legs gently and Mia with Kris's help lifted her legs around his waist. He slid into her surprising fast and then proceeded to take his time making love to her. Kris moved and changed from fast to slow which drove Mia insane but she finally screamed out her orgasm which made Kris happy and then he felt Mia squeeze around him and he spilled his seed into her womb which then caused him to orgasm too.

Kris and Mia calmed down from their amazing high and then Kris moved off of Mia and held her.

"You made my day sweetheart" Kris said drowsily but a very happy guy.
"I had planned all along to give you what you wanted tonight just because I love you and knew you needed a pick me up after that game" Mia said snuggling into Kris's chest.
"Thank you ma chere. I love you. Goodnight Mia".
"You are very welcome. Love you too Kris. Goodnight".

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