Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chapter 19

Warning Adult Content

The next morning Kris woke up and looked at Mia snuggled up against his body. He smiled and leaned down and kissed Mia's lips. Mia opened her eyes and looked up at Kris, "Good Morning husband".
"Good Morning wife" Kris said and then moved on top of Mia and started to kiss Mia's neck. Mia moved her hands into Kris's hair and closed her eyes as Kris's lips made her body start humming with electricity. Kris started to move down Mia's body kissing her breasts and suckled each one and then he moved to her abdomen and started talking to the baby.

"Hey little guy, I love you and can't wait to meet you" Kris said and then moved back up to look into Mia's eyes and he saw that she had tears forming, "Why are you crying sweetie?"
"I am crying because I am so happy and you are so sweet and I love you" Mia said and Kris leaned down and kissed her again. Then Mia moved her legs around Kris's waist and he gently slide into Mia and gently started to move in and out of her and he swore, "Damn baby you are so wet and tight and love you so much".
"Oh good gracious Kris yes yes yes!" Mia cried out as Kris gave her an amazing orgasm. Kris smirked to himself as he continued a few more thrusts and then felt Mia squeeze him tight and he felt his orgasm hit too and then swore again and emptied his seed into her womb. Kris and Mia slowly came down from their amazing love making high and then he moved off of Mia and she snuggled into his chest again.

"That was an amazing way to start the day" Mia said looking up at Kris.
"Making love is the best way to start my day with my beautiful wife and unborn child" Kris exclaimed and kissing Mia again for the zillion time that morning. Mia smiled back and realized that life was prefect.

Later that evening the Pens were playing the Maple Leafs and the Pens kicked some Leaf butt. It was a great night for Marc Andre Fleury because he got a shut out and Kris got three assists and a goal. Things were going great now for the Pens and Mia and Kris but then life always seems to throw curve balls at the strangest times.

Kris and Mia got home from the road trip and were hanging out at the house and Kris's cellphone rang and he looked at the number and saw that it was his stepfather, "Hello Charles what's going on?"
"Kris, your mom is not well and she is in the hospital and I wanted to let you know" Kris's stepfather said.
"Thank you for calling me and Mia and I will be in Montreal tomorrow" Kris said as tears formed in his eyes and Mia moved over closer to Kris.

Kris and his stepfather talked for a few more minutes and then Kris told Mia what was going on with his mom and then they planned to head up to be with his mom.

That night Mia looked at Kris and said, "Kris, everything will be ok and I love you".
"Mia, I love you too and thank you for being you and helping me out" and then they kissed goodnight.

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  1. amazing...beautiful chapter. I can't wait to see what happens

    poor Kris's mom. i hope she is okay.